Mozilla has rolled out a new Firefox version that promises to be "faster than ever."

The company isn't just emphasizing speed in its latest release but also online privacy.

Firefox 67 Update

Back in 2017, Mozilla introduced Firefox Quantum, a major update that changed how it looked and improved its speed and performance. With the Firefox 67 update, it seems to be building on that, or in other words, it's making the browser even faster, as well as safer with new security tools.

'Faster Than Ever'

In a blog post, the developer outlined how Firefox will deliver on its promise of faster performance.

For starters, it's going to "deprioritize least commonly used features." That way, the browser can prioritize scripts that users need first and put off the others. As an example, the company explains that this will make the main scripts for Amazon, Google, and Instagram load anywhere between 40 and 80 percent faster.

It'll also "suspend idle tabs," meaning Firefox will now begin suspending unused tabs so it won't bog down the computer when its memory is below 400 MB. Just to be clear, it's not closing the tabs so that users can just click on them again, and the browser will reload the page and pick up where they left off.

Last but not least, it'll deliver "faster startup after customization." This will impact users who've customized Firefox with themes or other add-ons such as an ad blocker. With this in place, the browser is going to forgo "a bunch of unnecessary work during subsequent startups." Plainly speaking, this will allow users to fire it up faster.

New Privacy Measures

Mozilla is adding new tools that are capable of "blocking fingerprinting and cryptomining."

For those who don't know, fingerprinting is when a user and their activities are being tracked online. This is usually used for advertising purposes, but unlike cookies and the like, it's more intrusive. Advertisers can use the info they've gathered about a user such as their computer, software, and even the font they use for targeted marketing.

Meanwhile, cryptomining is when attackers will take advantage of a user's computer and use its resources to mine cryptocurrency. In other words, hackers will be making a buck at the expense of a victim.

With Firefox's new features, instances of these harmful practices should occur less frequently.

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