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Fear Of Humans Suppresses Predators But Benefits Small Animals

How do humans really affect the wildlife around them? A new study found that even recordings of human voices can alter the behaviors of predators and small animals.

Animals July 18, 2019

Ontario Man Ippolit Bodounov Fined $15,000 For Trying To Smuggle Bag Of Leeches From Russia To Canada

Niagara Falls-native Ippolit Bodounov pleaded guilty to smuggling more than 4,000 of medical leeches into Canada last year. He violated the country's Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act.

Life & Style May 29, 2019

24-Inch Plastic Hose Found Inside Dead Dolphin

A dolphin that washed ashore in Florida was found to have a 24-inch plastic hose in its stomach. It is the second dolphin with plastic in the stomach found stranded in the area in the past month.

Animals May 26, 2019

Human Activity Causing Wildlife To Shrink, Larger Animals To Face Extinction

Researchers of a new study find that human activity is causing animals to shrink. Habitat loss, deforestation, and climate change are just some of the impacts of human activity.

Animals May 25, 2019

Safari Tourists Scare Elephants And Make Them More Violent: Study

Researchers found that elephants get scared and show violent behaviors when more tourists are present in the safari. The study demonstrated that tourism can have a big impact on animals' welfare in the wild.

Animals March 21, 2019

Controversial Hippo Culling In Zambia To Commence In May

A controversial hippo culling is scheduled to happen in Zalbie this May. Activists and animal rights groups are protesting the plan, asking the government to immediately stop it.

Animals February 24, 2019

Mammals Becoming Nocturnal Because Of Human Activity

Just how much can humans affect wildlife? Researchers found that mammals worldwide, even those that are not nocturnal, are shifting to more nocturnal behavior to avoid human disturbance.

Animals June 15, 2018

Artificial Intelligence Can Identify And Count Animals In The Wild

Artificial intelligence has become a powerful tool to document information about wildlife. Using data from a crowdsourced platform, researchers converted images from motion-sensor cameras into texts and numbers that make up the wildlife census.

Animals June 6, 2018

Coyote Population Exponentially Expands Across North And Central America, Study Says

Two scientists from the University of North Carolina at Raleigh released a new study that showcased coyotes’ expansion across North America. They found that coyotes lived in various habitats across the continent for over 10,000 years.

Animals May 23, 2018

A Third Of The World’s Wildlife Areas Are Vulnerable To Human Activities

The University of Queensland released a new study that revealed that over one-third of the planet’s wildlife conservations are vulnerable to human activities. The activities include road building, grazing, and urbanization.

Earth/Environment May 18, 2018

Leopard That Snatched Toddler In Uganda Safari Park Remains At Large

A leopard that attacked a toddler remains roaming in the wild. Wildlife authorities said the animal needs to be transferred to a more tamed location because of the threat it poses.

Animals May 9, 2018

Trump’s Proposed Texas Border Wall Will Destroy Wildlife Habitat, Say Conservationists

Conservationists sent an appeal letter to the White House opposing President Trump's proposed Mexican-Texas border wall. The aforementioned wall is deemed destructive to wildlife habitat and ecotourism, particularly in the South Texas border.

Earth/Environment April 2, 2018

Bobcat Attacks Man And Dog In Arizona, Tests Positive For Rabies

What to do when a bobcat attacks? Here's the question Steve Verschoor from Arizona ultimately answered for himself when he helped out a man and his dog struggling with a bobcat attack last weekend.

Animals July 18, 2017

After Being Hunted For A Century, America's Gray Seals Are Making A Comeback

After being hunted to the brink of extinction, New England's seal population is making a comeback. Current estimates put the population in the tens of thousands.

Animals June 15, 2017

Study Reveals How Bad Man-Made Noise Pollution Is For Protected Natural Areas In The US

Scientists discovered that human noise was almost double the amount of natural sounds in most national parks and animal reserves. This noise was harmful for the wildlife and disrupted their normal activities.

Earth/Environment May 5, 2017

Livestock Grazing May Boost Declining Sage Grouse Population

A study says the effect of livestock grazing on the sage grouse population is determined by the amount of grazing and when it occurs. The findings could be a tool for land managers in assessing the impact of grazing.

Animals March 27, 2017

Caught On Video: Coyote Follows Doctor Into His South Carolina Office

Surveillance video has caught a coyote following a doctor in his workplace in South Carolina. The doctor has come out of it unscathed, but are coyote attacks and appearance in an urban area fairly common?

Animals February 22, 2017

Tracking Lemurs Could Become Less Invasive, Thanks To Facial Recognition Software

Scientists have successfully developed a facial recognition software that is less invasive and more effective in tracking lemurs in the wild. Researchers hope the software could be applied in a wide range of animal conservation efforts.

Animals February 17, 2017

WATCH: This Huge Alligator Roaming A Florida Reserve Is Real

A video of a massive alligator strolling through a Florida reserve is circulating on the internet, and experts confirm that the footage is real. The once endangered giant is endangered no more.

Animals January 22, 2017

No Thanks, Humans: Global Vertebrate Population On Course To Drop Two Thirds By 2020

Habitat loss abetted by rising human activity, including food production and depletion of water resources have led to the decline of 58 percent of wildlife between 1970 and 2012, according to a new report by the World Wildlife Fund.

Animals October 29, 2016

Coast Guard Rescues Oiled Birds And Wildlife Impacted By Louisiana Oil Spill

Rescue workers are working to capture and rehabilitate oiled birds and wildlife that have been affected by the oil spill in Louisiana. How does the oil discharge affect the animals?

Earth/Environment September 12, 2016

Parasite Killing Thousands Of Fish Prompts Montana Wildlife Officials To Close Yellow Stone River

Wildlife officials decided to close the Yellowstone River to prevent further spread of the parasite that has killed thousands of fishes. How long will the closure last?

Earth/Environment August 19, 2016

Humans And Wild Birds Strike A Deal To Hunt For Honey And Wax

A bird species in Africa known as honeyguides have been known to attract human honey-hunters through a special call. Now, a new study revealed that the relationship between humans and honeyguides is fostered by a two-way communication.

Animals July 22, 2016

Turtles Help Monitor Ecological Health Of Great Lakes

The Great Lakes have been negatively affected by unregulated industrial waste dumping. New research suggests that two turtle species in the area could act as pollution barometers to monitor the Great Lakes' ecological health.

Earth/Environment June 11, 2016

Two Rare 'Dragon Babies' Emerge In Slovenia's Postojna Cave

After a long wait, two rare 'baby dragons' have finally hatched in Slovenia's Postojna cave. Tourists and scientists alike are in awe of the pale, slithering creatures.

Animals June 3, 2016

13 Bird Species In Indonesia At Risk Of Extinction Due To Illegal Pet Trade

The rampant and illegal pet trade of birds in Indonesia is threatening to wipe out at least 13 bird species in the country, a new report revealed. Conservationists call for stricter law enforcement to save the birds.

Animals May 27, 2016

Amazon Agrees To Stop Selling Animal Specimen And Hunting Equipment

A wildlife group's petition has urged Amazon to stop the trade of animal specimen and hunting equipment that further endangers animals in the wild. Amazon India confirms the removal of 400 items from its website.

Animals May 24, 2016

As Historic Range Occupied By Leopards Shrinks, Experts Call For Increased Conservation Efforts

The extensive range occupied by leopards all over the world have decreased by 75 percent over the years, a comprehensive report revealed. Scientists call for stronger conservation efforts and awareness about the plight of the big cats.

Animals May 5, 2016

Insect Outbreaks Reduce Severity Of Wildfire: Study

Insect outbreaks reduce the potential impacts of wildfires. How does the so-called forest thinning help cut the severity of fires?

Earth/Environment April 29, 2016

Wildlife Selfies Captured In Amazon Forest Reveal Stunning Biodiversity

Wildlife selfies captured in the forest of Amazon revealed stunning biodiversity. The numbers are in fact astonishing.

Earth/Environment April 25, 2016

This Is Why Wildlife Officials Denied Species Protection To West Coast Fishers

Months after proposing to declare West Coast fishers as endangered species, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on April 14 declared that the animal's population is not threatened.

Animals April 17, 2016

Killer Fungus Pushes Seven Unique Frog Species In Australia Closer To Extinction

Seven unique frog species are at risk of extinction due to killer fungus. Biologists say that the frog species can be saved through funding a research and disease management.

Earth/Environment April 12, 2016

$4 Million Needed To Repair Oregon Wildlife Refuge Occupied By Militants Protesting Public Lands Management

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will spend more than $4 million to clean, upgrade and restore the Oregon wildlife refuge occupied by armed protesters earlier this year. Federal officials have released photos of the area, showing the mess that protesters left behind.

Earth/Environment March 26, 2016

Early Bear Activity Prompts Advice To Remove Bird Feeders

Bear activity has been seen in the past week and bird feeders can attract bears to roam around residential areas. Wildlife officials urge residents to set aside bird feeders until Dec.1.

Earth/Environment March 21, 2016

Chemical Fingerprints Identify Origin Of Bat Species Killed By Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are essential in harnessing wind energy, but the devices have been linked to widespread bat mortality. Now, scientists in Maryland have identified the origin of the bat species that comprised the majority of wind turbine-related deaths in North America.

Animals March 19, 2016

Facebook Groups Used As Marketplace For Wildlife Trade, Facilitating Illegal Traffic Of Endangered Animals

Environmentalist research company Traffic presented a report showing that a lot of the illegal wildlife trafficking in Malaysia happens via Facebook Groups. The numbers are worrying and the social media company promised to take action against the trend.

Legal March 3, 2016

Study Finds More Than 700 Genetic Differences Between Hatchery-Grown And Wild Salmons

There are about 700 genetic differences between salmon born in hatcheries and their wildlife counterparts, a new study revealed. The finding settles the question of whether farm-raised salmon can be genetically changed after a brief period of domestication.

Animals February 21, 2016

New Video Shows America's Only Wild Jaguar El Jefe Roaming Around Arizona

El Jefe is believed to be the last remaining wild jaguar in the U.S. and is living in a protected habitat in the Santa Rita Mountains located outside of Tucson. Conservation groups released the first video of El Jefe roaming in the wild.

February 4, 2016

9-Foot-Long Green Anaconda Appears In Florida Neighborhood

For the second time in the past few months, a 9-foot-long green anaconda appeared in neighborhood in Florida. Officials believe the snake was illegally acquired.

Society February 4, 2016

Distinctive Song Leads Scientists To New Himalayan Bird Species

DNA confirms what song differences suggest; a species of thrush in India and China is, in fact, two distinct species. The song of the forest thrushes is much more musical than that of their mountaintop counterparts, researchers note.

January 23, 2016

Lioness Mmamoriri Has Mane And Roars Like A Male

BBC's new documentary 'World's Sneakiest Animals' kicked off on Christmas Day. The three-part documentary features sneaky survival skills that include a genetic mutation that led some lionesses to grow mane and roar like males to ward off predators and enlarge territorial area.

Earth/Environment December 27, 2015

Toxic Marine Algae Causing Brain Damage In California Sea Lions

A toxin in algae causes sea lions to become confused, interfering with their search for food, researchers say. The result is stranding of malnourished animals on California beaches.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2015

World's Oldest Wild Bird Returns To Wildlife Refuge To Lay Egg at 64 Years Old

Wisdom, the world’s oldest tracked wild bird, was spotted at a wildlife refuge with her mate and is expected to lay an egg at the age of 64 years old. Experts are glad to see the Laysan albatross return to the nesting ground.

Animals December 1, 2015

Everyone Loves Bindi Irwin On 'Dancing With The Stars' – Here Are Things You May Not Know About The Crocodile Hunter's Daughter

We know that Bindi Irwin can sing, act and dance blindfolded – but did you know that she once received a cheetah for her birthday, or that her least favorite subject is Math? Here is a list of things you might not have known about the young conservationist.

Movies/TV Shows November 12, 2015

800-Pound Alligator 'Godzilla' Captured Outside Shopping Center

A large alligator was found wandering outside a shopping center. A female alligator wrangler successfully captured then brought the animal to an alligator reserve for its safety.

Society November 9, 2015

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