Play Store Now Rolling Out Material Design Revamp: Check It Out

Play Store now has a fresh new look. At long last, Material Design has finally arrived on the service, dropping tired old design changes for a cleaner, less cluttered look and feel.  ( Pathum Danthanarayana | Unsplash )

Google is now rolling out a Material Design look for the Play Store, which is one of the only few major apps that until now hasn't yet received the visual upgrade. It joins Gmail, Drive, Photos, Messages, and practically all Google apps and services to adopt the new design language, which is cleaner, less cluttered, and more coherent.

Play Store Material Design Revamp

This new Play Store look sheds away almost all the signature colors — green, red, and blue — in favor of an almost all-white theme. The tabs on top are now gone, replaced instead with a new sleeker and lower bar.

The entire app also features the same new font used in Google's other apps, called Googled Sans. The "Other" button in the various carousels have now been replaced by an arrow. In another modern touch, new Material Design elements were added in as well, including new tab indicators and rounded buttons.

Other changes include updated app pages, with ratings and stats pushed to the top and an install button that covers the entire horizontal length of the page. When downloading an app, a progress bar will encircle the app logo, compared to a horizontal progress bar that appears beneath in the previous iteration.

There are no longer cards, lines, or even drop shadows, the lack of which may be a con for some but sure goes a long way to making the whole visual experiences cleaner and easier on the eyes.

Check out some screenshots below to get an idea of the overhauled Play Store:

(Photo : AndroidPIT | Google)

To get this version, make sure Play Store is updated to 15.1.24. It's also possible to download an APK of the app, as AndroidPIT notes. If the latest version is installed but the redesign still isn't showing, try clearing the cache in the app settings.

Other Play Store Updates

Beyond design, Google is also working on a number of changes to the Play Store regarding content. For starters, it's expected to roll out major updates to Play Store policies that address sexual content, hate speech, loot boxes, and even the sale of marijuana on the platform. Make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more about Google's plans for its digital store.

Do you have the redesigned Play Store already? If so, how has the experience been so far? Is it much better-looking than the old one? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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