You’ll Be Able To Play ‘Cuphead’ … On Your Tesla


Amazingly, the team behind Tesla and Studio MDHR managed to get the beloved video side-scrolling platformer Cuphead working on Musk's electric cars.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla got the game working in the display, and it might be released sometime this summer.

Cuphead Will Be Playable On Tesla Cars

Musk is featured in the most recent episode of the Ride the Lightning podcast, and there he told host Ryan McCaffrey that Tesla managed to make Unity work and noted that Tesla cars also have a "beach buggy driving game" that's "pretty fun." Studio MDHR has been helping to get Cuphead working too. Speaking about the game, Musk echoed the sentiments of most players: "It's a cool game, it's insanely difficult."

Although Cuphead certainly comes as a surprise, the fact that Tesla is trying to bring in games isn't. Tesla has added a handful of games for its in-car displays recently, including some classic Atari titles as an Easter egg back in October 2018.

Last month, Musk noted that Tesla was working to port Unity and Unreal Engine over to the cars and that drivers would be able to play titles using either the touchscreen, steering wheel buttons, or Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

Tesla Storage Issues

Musk shared some of the difficulties of porting games to Tesla, chief of which is the size:

"We didn't anticipate having all these games there, so storage space will be a tricky one," says Musk. "So you might have to decide what game you want to play, then it will download. So if you want to play other games, delete that one and download another one."

McCaffrey followed up with a developer at Studio MDHR, who confirmed that Tesla had indeed reached out to the company to aid in porting the game.

"When Tesla reached out to us to bring Cuphead to their vehicles, we were thrilled!" says the developer. "Finding out that Mr. Musk was a fan of our game was extremely humbling and getting a chance to work with such an innovative company has been really exciting. We hope Cuphead can add some classic fun to such forward-thinking vehicles."

Cuphead will require a USB controller, however, as it won't feature any touchscreen controls. Worse yet, only the Inkwell Isle One will be playable due to storage constraints. Even still, the game is headed to all Tesla owners this summer.

Cuphead is available on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Thrilled to play it on your Tesla soon? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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