Facebook has reportedly approached Netflix, Hulu, Disney, And Amazon to get support for their streaming services as its eyes launching a TV streaming box, which could be out later this year.

The Information reported that the social media company has approached media companies for their support on a new Facebook device for making video calls from televisions.

Making Video Calls Possible On TV

It was reported last year that Facebook is working on a TV camera that will allow users to make video calls using their TV. Reports also mentioned that the device will allow users to stream content from Facebook Watch on their TV.

Facebook reportedly sees the video streaming services as an additional selling point for the device, albeit its main purpose is for video calls through Messenger and WhatsApp.


The device, currently code-named Catalina, will come with a physical remote and streaming video services similar to other television boxes like the Apple TV.

Citing people close to the project, The Information claimed that Catalina will use the same video-calling technology used in Facebook's camera-equipped smart speaker Portal, a chat and streaming device that allows users to Facebook Live.

"The device, which Facebook is aiming to release this fall, will use the same video-calling technology that is in Facebook's camera-equipped smart speaker, called Portal, which has a screen of its own and is designed to sit on kitchen counters and desks," the report said.

The Portal uses AI to track people around rooms with a camera. The video chat device is expected to offer a similar feature.

The smart speaker already has streaming support. Facebook said in April that users can access Amazon Prime Video via Portal's smart display. The company also added YouTube and new channels to the device late last year.


The new TV streaming device will reportedly launch this October. Facebook head of hardware Andrew Bosworth earlier said that the company would reveal new form factors of Portal this fall.

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