The Nintendo Switch Lite is starting to get on reviewers' hands, and for the most part, they're finding the OG Switch's smaller, more compact sibling pretty delightful.

For those unsure about Switch models, there are three: the original "OG" Nintendo Switch, the one released in 2017; a newer, slightly enhanced Switch model with improved battery life that's starting to hit shelves; and lastly, the Switch Lite, which has the same innards as the main Switch minus a few parts — no IR camera or rumble on this model — plus fixed Joy-Con controllers and the lack of TV output.

Is Switch Lite The Best Choice?

For most, the Switch Lite is probably the best pick — though it's not exactly pocket-friendly, it's much smaller and portable, amplifying what's perhaps the Switch's best quality to begin with. It's also $100 cheaper, making it the best option for those who don't really care about hooking the console up to a TV.

First Impressions

Still, there's plenty of confusion surrounding these models, including which one is the best for whom. Luckily, Tech Times wrote a guide a while back breaking down their differences, so make sure to check that out. For those who find themselves still at odds about whether the Switch Lite is a good choice, below is a roundup of first impressions about the wee console:

The Verge: "The overall hardware is excellent, which is expected from a modern Nintendo product. The three colors (yellow, gray, and turquoise) are all vibrant, and the plastic is a similar matte style to what's used on the Joy-Con controllers, making it pleasant to hold."

Polygon: "The Switch Lite, based on a short hands-on experience with the new system, feels like a good starter system. It's not an upgrade, nor does it feel like a necessary purchase for existing Switch owners. Unless, of course, you have someone in your life who's constantly borrowing yours, and you want to reclaim some time with your own Nintendo Switch."

Engadget: "The Switch Lite's biggest downside is that there's no video out. Even without the dock, it would be nice to plug it into hotel TVs while traveling. I won't be forgoing the ability to play on my TV anytime soon. But I'd consider picking up a Switch Lite as a secondary machine — it's just too cute."

CNET: "Yes, it's basically the same as a Switch in most other ways, as far as gaming and memory card support (and USB-C charging). But until Nintendo makes its family of Switch hardware easily share game libraries the way Apple or Google do with tablets, phones and Chromebooks, it's not quite the perfect choice for as many people as you might think."

Wired: "It's a good handheld choice for many, and may be the only choice for some. I don't know if the Switch Lite will become my favorite handheld system ever, but it may earn that crown from a new generation of kids when it hits shelves September 20."

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