A feature that first launched on Gmail for iOS is making its way to the Android version. Switching between accounts is now much easier on Android.

As of version 2019.08.18 of the app, users can swipe up or down their profile picture in the top right corner to jump between profiles.

Alternatively, it's also possible to tap the profile picture to select from a complete list of the user's accounts, much like before. Does this sound familiar? Well, that's because this feature was added on the iOS version of Gmail a while back.

Why Did It Take This Long?

Why it took this long remains uncertain, though. Google tends to release a set of features on one platform and waits a while before those same features arrive on the other platform. Frustratingly, iOS sometimes gets new features before Android, which doesn't make sense, as Android should be Google's priority. At least Android users received access to Gmail's swipe gestures before they appeared on iOS.

Also, Google has been pushing out this feature to its lineup of Android apps including Maps, Drive, and even Contacts.

But it's no doubt most useful when applied to Gmail, as many people probably need a more fluid and smoother way to jump between their personal, work, family email accounts. Gmail's new profile switching gesture is now rolling out to users on the Play Store, as Android Police reports. If it's not appearing yet, the site also contains a link to an APK that users can download to manually install the update.

Gmail is available on iOS and Android for free.

Dark Mode Coming?

The release also includes the very first signs of Dark Mode in Gmail. Both the app's widget and splash screen feature a dark variation to comply with the system-wide Dark Mode on Android Q.

However, it's the same Dark Grey Blue "Dark Mode" variant as seen on Google Play. Does this point to a Dark Mode feature for Gmail? Perhaps that'll come at some point, hopefully, sooner rather than later. Dark Mode, after all, is preferred by many users because it's been found to save battery by a bit.

Thoughts about Gmail for Android receiving swipe-to-switch-profile after iOS did? How about Dark Mode potentially coming to the app soon? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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