(Photo : Epic Games) "Fortnite" is a multiplayer game where peers play an intense PvP mode. It is one of the most popular games to be played for free on consoles, and has become a phenomenon since it launched in 2018.

Fortnite developer Epic Games has agreed to settle regarding the case it filed on a 14-year-old YouTuber who was selling Fortnite cheats. The young YouTuber claims the cheating was only for fun, but Epic Games calls the act unfair and unlawful.

Fortnite Cheats

It was only this past March when Epic Games agreed to settle a case against YouTuber Brandon Lucas who was selling Fortnite cheats and even posted a video of himself cheating on the game. Now, Epic Games has once again agreed to settle a new case against 14-year-old YouTuber only named as CBV who was also selling Fortnite cheats.

Evidently, CBV demonstrates his hacks in his YouTube videos, and even points to links where they could be bought. According to Epic Games, this counts as copyright infringement because in using his cheats, he has created another version of the game.

Apart from copyright infringement, CBV was also accused of contributory copyright infringement and circumvention of technological measures.

Settlement Agreement

CBV’s lawyer previously filed to have the charges dismissed, but recent documents reveal that Epic Games has already agreed to settle. Although no details on the settlement were provided, it is noted in the document that both CBV and his General Guardian, in this case his mother who was named in the document, were satisfied that the Settlement Agreement is fair and reasonable.

So far, the links to the cheats are no longer working, and CBV’s YouTube channel now only has three videos.

Epic Games Lawsuits

Apart from these cases in which Epic Games filed charges on individuals who sell and even promote cheats on Fortnite, Epic Games was also recently the recipient of a lawsuit when a Canadian legal firm sued Epic Games for deliberately creating a game that is very addictive. In fact, the lawyers claim that Epic Games hired psychologists when they were creating Fortnite to make sure that the game is “as addictive as possible. “

Epic Games has yet to comment on the lawsuit, but they are also facing another one in relation to a data breach that gave malicious agents access to the personal information of millions of users due to a security flaw in Fortnite’s login system.

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