Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan
(Photo : Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan | Twitter) This photo is from Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan's last tweet as Peter 1.0. This October, Dr. Scott-Morgan completes the procedure to become the world's very first full cyborg.

Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease, two years ago, and today he is still fighting to thrive, not just to survive. This October, Dr. Scott-Morgan is well on the way to becoming the world’s very first full cyborg, potentially giving him more years of life.

‘World’s Very First Full Cyborg’

It was in 2017 when Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan was diagnosed with ALS, the degenerative motor neuron disease that would eventually paralyze his entire body except for his eyes. The diagnosis is understandably grim especially since he was given only two years left to live, but the author, roboticist, and speaker did not give up the fight but instead chose to face it head on and even treat it as an opportunity for breakthrough research.

By teaming up with world-class organizations with AI expertise, Dr. Scott-Morgan is turning into what he calls the “world’s very first full Cyborg.”

“And when I say ‘Cyborg’, I don’t just mean any old cyborg, you understand, but by far the most advanced human cybernetic organism ever created in 13.8 billion years,” says Dr. Scott-Morgan, further stating that his body and brain will be “irreversibly changed.”

‘What It Means To Be Human’

According to Dr. Scott-Morgan, he would become part hardware and part “wetware” since his five senses will be enhanced and all his external persona will be electronic. What’s more, the change would not be a one-off, but one with upgrades and updates.

“I’ve got more upgrades in progress than Microsoft,” Dr. Scott-Morgan notes.

The Cyborg Artist courtesy of DXC Technology has also stored Dr. Scott-Morgan’s digital footprint, which will then allow him to still create works of art even though he is already paralyzed.

“Peter’s first theme is 'metamorphosis.' The resulting work of art is a unique blend of AI and human that captures Peter’s creative and emotional self — a critical aspect of what it means to be human,” said DXC Technology.

Peter 2.0

This October, Dr. Scott-Morgan will be undergoing what he calls the final procedure that would turn him into a Full Cyborg. In fact, last Oct. 9, he tweeted a photo of himself, saying that it is his last post as Peter 1.0. In that procedure, Dr. Scott-Morgan will give up his physical voice to prevent saliva from getting into his lungs, potentially giving him many more years of life.

Incidentally, the procedure is being done during the month pointed out to Dr. Scott-Morgan as the month when statistically he would be dead.

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