Google Maps
(Photo : Google) To report an incident, a user must simply tap the '+' sign then 'Add a Report'. Users can then choose from typical traffic incidents to report, from lane closures to constructions.

Google has announced the addition of a new feature that will allow users to help other drivers by reporting traffic incidents.

The new feature follows the recent additions of other Waze-like features on Google Maps.

Google Maps New Feature And Upgrade

Google Maps on iOS is getting new features, while its Android counterpart is getting upgrades. The company just announced that users of Google Maps on iOS can now report traffic incidents on the app. It is a feature that is already available on Android and is a popular one that the company decided to expand to iOS.

The feature is also getting upgrades on Android, with users now being able to report more traffic incidents than before. In the past, Google Maps users on Android can only report speed traps, crashes, and traffic slowdowns. Now, however, both Android and iOS Google Maps users can also report constructions, lane closures, debris on the road, and disabled vehicles.

‘Add A Report’

To do this, users need only to tap on the “+” sign, choose “Add a report,” then choose from the traffic incidents one wishes to share with other users. Submissions can also be undone during a brief period, similar to Gmail’s “Undo send” feature.

“Google Maps has always helped people get from point A to B in the easiest way possible,” said Google Maps Product Manager Sandra Tseng. “Today, we’re adding more tools that reflect real-time contributions from the community so you can stay even more informed when you’re behind the wheel.

The Google Maps feature and upgrade will be rolling out on Android and iOS this week.

Waze-Like Features

The new Google Maps features add to the list of other Waze-like features on the app. For instance, Google Maps added speed traps and speed limit alerts earlier this year, and also allowed the addition of stops in between a route while in navigation mode.

That said, Waze and Google Maps still have significant differences that can benefit different users depending on their needs, whether they are planning a trip or simply planning their commute. It is also worth noting that Google did purchase Waze back in 2013, so it is not much of a competition.

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