Do you have both an iPhone and an Apple Watch? Well, Apple has good news for you! Now, this tech giant has made your life easier and more convenient because you can still receive calls, iMessages, and other notifications, even without your iPhone. Whether you left your iPhone accidentally or intentionally, you don't have to worry about missing an urgent call or message from people who matter to you. Be sure, though, and you're wearing the right Apple Watch.

An article The Verge posted recently indicates that "If you want to leave your iPhone at home without missing out on important communications," you must have the right Apple Watch. Indeed, only specific models of the high-end watch can connect via 4G LTE, which can enable you to go on with your day or run an errand without the need of your cellphone. To date, Apple has three Apple Watch models that support the said feature. These are the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, and Apple Watch Series 5—all running on GPS + LTE connectivity.

The Cost to Pay

Since the feature is applicable only for these three new models of Apple Watch, expect to spend more. The models may cost more expensive than the base models Apple launched in the past. These said old Apple watches only support GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity. If you want to own any of the Apple Watch Series 3, 4, or 5, expect to add around $100 more, depending on your choice of the Apple Watch model. More so, you also need to pay for a monthly subscription fee for the LTE connection.

If you have a data plan subscription, there's a fixed fee for an allotted amount of data each month. And, with Verizon, if you add an Apple Watch to your subscription, it will cost you $5 every month, on top of the $30 activation fee once it is added to your plan. Incidentally, you can have your Apple Watch activated on a single plan that offers you 1GB of data for just $10 a month. If your phone plan is unlimited, it will cost you an additional $10 per month.

Activating Your Apple Watch on LTE Connection

Activating your Apple Watch in LTE connectivity is unaffected. First, open the smartwatch's app on your iPhone. It's in the phone where you merge everything you need to do with your Apple Watch. Scroll down and tap 'cellular' then, tap after the 'set up cellular' option. Next, you'll see the amount you'll pay, and this is depending on your carrier. 

Also, the carrier to use depends on your watch's model. There's a list of supported carriers you can find online. And, according to Apple, both your watch and Apple must be on just one carrier. Nevertheless, the Apple Watch can support up to 5 cellular plans. Therefore, you can switch carriers and confidently opt for the one that offers a more reasonable cost.

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