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Global warming is a real occurrence that we all are experiencing. Changes in the climate, pollution, toxic gasses, and all that has been happening with the planet, it's safe to assume that something drastic is coming.

Scientists from NASA predicts this will be coming over the next 10-15 years due to the sunspots they have been observing.

NASA has been studying the sunspots, as they provide a standard gauge of solar activity that needs to be studied intimately. Activity rises and falls in about 11-year cycles, so the next one begins this year. They say that this will be the weakest solar activity in the last 200 years based on the trend they see. 

Dr. Jeff Zweerink of "Reasons to Believe" has said, "If it continues to drop, one thing we do know is that sunspots, they look like dark spots on the sun, so you'd initially think, 'Oh, maybe that's because there's less radiation given off,'". "It turns out because of the magnetic fields going on in there. The sunspots actually emit more radiation. And so if there are fewer sunspots, we're receiving less sunlight from the sun," Dr. Zweerink continued.

He also stated that if this is really happening then 10-15 years from now, there will be another "mini ice age" coming, and it's not gonna be pretty.

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What to expect in the Grand Solar Minimum 

Imagine yourself going about your daily routine in -50 degrees Celsius if you lived near the North and South poles. Food shortages due to difficulty of planting and keeping crops alive in the sudden drop of temperature. Sudden drops in temperature where it's normally warm and breezy. All these things will eventually happen.

This already happened before during the year 1650 to the year 1715 when the climate of Europe and most of the world was particularly cold in line with low activity from the sun. This was also apparent in the United States when pictures of the colonial period depicted a lot of snow, frozen streams, lakes, and ponds that were present in their art.

Why Does it Need to Happen?

This is the time of the sun's cycle enters a "hibernation" phase, where it doesn't emit much radiation towards us. We are entering a rare event known as a Grand Solar Minimum. This is when energy emitted from the sun drops even more than usual. This only happens once every 400 years, so our time is gradually ticking. 

Most of these effects will relatively be harmless. However, Professor Zharkova, who has published many articles regarding the solar system, warned icy spells, and wet summers could persist until solar activity picks up again in 2053.

This is all we can expect that will happen to our world in the next centuries. As this is only predictions as to the start of the Grand Solar Minimum, more might be in store for us than what scientists actually predict.

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