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Tech giant Amazon decides to allow retailers to go cashierless. This technology is known as "Just Walk Out," offers sensors, surveillance, and a unique and deep way of machine learning.

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The cashierless technology can also be seen on Amazon Go convenience stores, which allow people to skip waiting in a long line to pay for their daily groceries.

The "Just Walk Out" feature made its debut on grocery stores in Seattle, which is the hometown of its maker, Amazon.

Public Retailer Offering

According to Reuters, Amazon started several deals with retailers whose names and identities are purposely hidden. Amazon is also set out to add more retailers by making a website solely for their "Just Walk Out" technology. This website is designed for retailers to inquire in detail about Amazon's offered tech.

It can also be seen on the website that business retailers have been clamoring to have their own Just Way Out technology installed on their business for years.

Equipment and Tech Installation

Amazon will install all required equipment such as the cameras and sensors to go in-sync with their software. These are all the basic required to run the worry-less shopping in any retail store.

The retailers need to give Amazon access to their stores to start the installation. This process could take weeks or even more, depending on the situation of the store.

There are possible ways to implement the system with less impact on customers. One is by building a new store and installing the tech while construction happens. Renovations can also do, and even if the store already exists or doesn't need any remodels. Amazon can work ways to install the require tech even if there are already customers.

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Uses and Implied Benefits

The Just Walk Out technology introduced by Amazon is a tool for reducing the time need for shoppers to stay in a grocery. 

Amazon's Vice President, Dilip Kumar, also highlighted that the technology being introduced is for people who are always on-the-go.

The website launched by Amazon gave out information regarding the process of this payment method. Shoppers are only required to have a credit card to use the Just Walk Out technology.

This tech is only offered as an alternative payment system to reduce lines on retailers or maybe even eliminate them. Acquiring one doesn't need a business franchised Amazon Go.

How it Works

This cashierless shopping option doesn't need shoppers to have an Amazon account. An application like those being used on other cashierless option isn't also needed. A credit card will do all the transaction which they are required to insert into a machine before proceeding to shop.

Amazon will also have cameras installed on the establishments that would avail their technology to track and monitor their shoppers. A virtual basket is assigned to each person, and the sensors on the shelves would know what item has been taken, and it will be added on the cart shortly. 

Customers are free to leave once they have everything they need to buy. The credit card they have registered or scanned will then deduct the amount of their virtual basket.

For receipts, an e-mail will be sent shortly once the transaction is completed. For those who want a physical, one may still have the option with a kiosk placed inside the establishment.

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