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Walmart Unveils Artificial Intelligence Store That’s Like Amazon Go But Also Not

Walmart’s Intelligent Retail Lab finally opens to the public, dubbed as the future of stores. But unlike Amazon Go locations, they don’t intend to erase employees from the equation.

Business Tech April 26, 2019

Amazon Go Cashierless Stores Reportedly Coming To Airports

Amazon is setting sights on bigger things for its cashierless grocery concept. Depending on how plans go, travelers could soon find an Amazon Go in their airport.

Business Tech December 8, 2018

Amazon Is Testing Cashierless Grocery Shopping In Bigger Stores

Amazon Go is currently undergoing tests in bigger stores, according to new reports. The cashierless grocery service debuted earlier this year but has had minor hiccups since.

Business Tech December 3, 2018

Rumor: Microsoft Is Coming After Amazon Go With Its Own Cashier-Free Grocery Retail Stores

Like Amazon, Microsoft wants cashiers and checkout lines out of the picture as well. It’s developing its answer to Amazon Go, which would allow customers to come in, grab items, and leave.

Microsoft June 14, 2018

San Francisco, Chicago About To Get Amazon Go Cashierless Stores

Amazon Go, Amazon's cashierless convenience store, is coming to San Francisco and Chicago. The retailer confirmed the news after recently putting up an ad seeking for store managers for outlets in both cities.

Business Tech May 15, 2018

Amazon Go Seattle Ready To Open: What Is It Like To Shop At The No Checkout Store?

The first Amazon Go grocery store in Seattle is finally ready to open to the public. How does the cashless, no-checkout store work, and what is it like to shop there?

Business Tech January 21, 2018

Wheelys 247: Meet Shanghai's Unmanned, High-Tech Retail Store

Swedish company Wheely just opened their unmanned retail store in Shanghai. The start-up opened their store doors before Amazon Go brings the new retailing craze to China.

Business Tech March 25, 2017

Intel's Responsive Retail Platform Will Change The Way You Shop

Intel has just announced its Responsive Retail Platform, a cache of software kits, sensors, and other assets shops can employ to push the shopping experience up a notch. But will retailers jump on the bandwagon?

Apps/Software January 17, 2017

45,000 Robots Keep Things Moving At Amazon Warehouses

Amazon makes packing and shipping items more efficient with the perfect mix of human and robot interaction

Business Tech December 31, 2016

Amazon Go No-Checkout Store Is Real, But There Won't Be 2,000 Such Futuristic Shops - 'Not Even Close'

Amazon unveiled its futuristic Amazon Go grocery store this week, introducing a solution to eliminate checkout lines and registers. However, the company says it has no plans to open 2,000 such stores, 'not even close.'

Business Tech December 9, 2016

How Amazon Go Cuts Checkout Lines And Cashier Jobs

The new Amazon Go grocery store offers customers a new shopping experience through automated services. However, the move could spell the end of jobs for millions of human employees.

Business Tech December 7, 2016

Amazon Go Convenience Store Eliminates Lines And Checkout: Grab What You Need And Just Go [Video]

Amazon just introduced a futuristic, high-tech convenience store called Amazon Go, which eliminates lines, registers and checkout altogether. Intrigued? Here's how it works.

Apps/Software December 6, 2016

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