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The developers of Escape will push a reset button from Tarkov in their new patch notes.

Battlestate Games are reported to be making an overhaul on their game's endurance and strength skills system.

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New Feature Explained

From what the patch notes imply, it looks like Escape from Tarkov will experience the most significant update so far. With the reset of endurance and strength skills, the developers are also adding a new element to the game.

Overweight is being introduced as a penalty for overcarrying items. To put it, players will have to monitor their weight carried to avoid being overweight.

This feature would also allow realistic experience and simulation, such as noise, depending on the weight of the in-game character. A player that is adding more weight is most likely to produce louder sounds. Slower movements would also become a penalty for those who are getting overweight. More weight also means that more stamina is being used, so be sure to check your strength always.

Immersion when it comes to everything you do and your environment will add to the player's satisfaction.


Stamina and endurance skills are due to a reset because the developers of the game want the players to experience the overweight feature like everyone else. This also adds to the over-all realism that the feature would be adding.

The developers concentrated on the endurance and strength a lot more because it correlates with the overweight system. These two skills are supposed to affect several aspects, such as movement, speed, and even stamina.

It doesn't just make everything fair, but rather, the developer is confident that the new feature is best enjoyed with strength and endurance skills reset.

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Split Stamina

Patch 0.12.4 will also change how stamina works. According to the patch notes, the stamina will be undergoing a split in lower and upper halves.

Getting Back What's Lost

Players are supposed to gain back their lost skills by doing everything they did before, only now with more challenges, all thanks to the new feature implemented. Players of the game would require a lot of grinds to achieve top shape once again.

The player base reaction over this move by the developers: 

A lot of them complained about the skills they have lost, saying that it takes a lot of time to garner them, and it is even harder the second time. Players are quite disappointed because of how long they have been there.

Some players that are on the devs side, however, reasoned out that it is the right thing to do. It turns out that there is a form of bug or workaround that allows players of the game to quickly max out their skills, allowing edge over the competition. Having a maxed-out endurance and strength would also mean a lot of things and one thing we're sure ks power.

A hard reset on the skills feature might help with the workaround and the discrepancy of a lot of players. It balances out everything and evens out superiority.

Patch 0.12.4 for Escape from Tarkov isn't confirmed when to arrive yet, but it will undoubtedly be officially released anytime soon.

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