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Fantastic news for all you alcoholics out there, a brewery is giving away free beer since it can't sell any during the coronavirus lockdown. I repeat, free beer.

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Alcohol Can Be Your Bestfriend During Quarantine

The brewery which is giving away free beer to the masses is Alnwick Brewery Company in Northumberland, located in northeast England. 

They said that they had brewed up for Easter and didn't know what to do with all of their stock of beer after all businesses were mandated to shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

So what they thought of is that rather than letting all the alcohol go to waste, they asked the local townfolk to take its cask beer with them home by bringing containers from its shop located in Alnwick town center.

Each of the casks holds up to 70 pints of beer, that's 40 liters of pure enjoyment.

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What Else Are The Reasons Besides Giving Away Free Beer?

The brewery is donating all that beer for one thing, in which they implore people to make a small donation, which goes to the National Health Services of the NHS.

They have already donated cakes as well as toiletries to the dementia department at Newcastle General Hospital and care homes in the Alnwick area.

Of course, with free beer, no line is too long for people, and customers are taking upon the breweries offer for that free booze. One person even arriving with two 20-liter containers in which he jokes that he would "arrive with a bathtub" the next time.

The brewery says that it has already managed to raise £450 or roughly $564 during giveaways for the past two Fridays, and if you're nearby, it will be open later today for another round of free booze.

Not all is good news, however, since they had to furlough some of their staff, but despite that, the operations are still working.

Co-owner Ian Robinson told BBC, "We'd brewed up in anticipation of Easter. Suddenly the business was shut down, and we thought, "what can we do with this?" and added, "It's all very well giving it away, but why not try to raise some money through donations?"

The company, however, is stern in reminding the public that they are following the government's guidelines on social distancing. 

The brewery, as well as other businesses, might have to wait a while longer before opening their doors once again, especially for pubs since it is a melting pot, and the last thing people would want is someone having the virus being in a very confined space. 

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