Remember that deepfake starring Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland in Back To The Future? Here's another deepfake... This time, Nathan Fillion stars in Uncharted 4, and it is nothing short than amazingly done.

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What The Uncharted 4 Are We Talking About?

It's simple really, a deepfake creator, who calls himself as Jarkan has done amazing work with recapturing Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted franchise.

They do have some resemblance, and it looks like Jarkan has seen through it as well, hence him doing what he did with poor old Nathan Drake's digital face and replacing it with Fillion's chiseled looks.

Jarkan's work shows what deepfake software can do, and this video is a proof. It is able to swap out a face with another with the help of artificial intelligence as well as a deep learning machine. The arrival of the software is met with mixed reviews because it can cause a great deal of concern, especially for ethical reasons as well as fraud.

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Of course, there are other more sinister things people can do with the software like previously swapping out Emma Watson for an adult actress and more.

While Jarkan's work is truly a work of art, it shows that if ever producers would think of making a real-life action movie of the franchise, the obvious choice for the main actor would be, of course, Nathan Fillion. The Firefly and Castle star has always been touted as the man to play the role for Drake in any Uncharted movie. Fun fact, even the actor himself is a big fan of the game, so it doesn't seem far off for him to cast his ballot for that fictional role.

Without further ado, here's the video of that deep fake starring Nathan Dra..err Fillion in the Uncharted 4 clip.

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