For many avid fans and players of Fortnite, the side story of the war between the Teddy Bears and the Garden Gnomes aren't exactly a secret, but unless you are actively triggering the event or you accidentally stumble upon them, you wouldn't know there are some secret challenges you can complete for some extra XP.

Fortnite Secret Tasks

There have been several secret tasks surrounding the Bears and the Gnomes, and most of them are incredibly easy and straightforward.

First off, you need to find the Teddy Bears and their secret hideout at Weeping Woods, and then you need to find honey pots, aim telescopes at the Gnomes, save the Bears from a surprise attack from their enemies and even stop a war for domination.

The last couple of these secret Fortnite tasks require you to destroy Gnomes and Teddy Bears at certain locations on the map.

But now, it appears as though the war is over, and the two armies are ready to spread peace, so for this secret task, all you really need to do is dance and celebrate with them for an easy 15,000 XP.

As with past events, you need to find the Bears and the Gnomes before you can trigger the event as there's no indication of an ongoing task, which makes it incredibly secretive.

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The Final Teddy Bears vs. Garden Gnomes Challenge

Nevertheless, according to Forbes, you can find them directly east of the trailer park that is located in Weeping Woods, just down the hill from the school.

Once you get to the location, you'll see both camps sitting peacefully together and celebrating the end of a long feud.

To complete the task, all you need is to dance with them, and then you'll be rewarded with 15,000 XP.

Apparently, this is the last secret task, at least for the Bears and the Gnomes.

The Doomsday Event

Speaking of last, Fortnite Chapter 2, season 2 is about to end, so it's high time to start grinding and finish all the Battle Pass challenges you haven't finished yet before the Doomsday event.

As many players and fans would suggest, the Doomsday event has something to do with flooding, especially as they were able to find hints in leaked posters in a past Fortnite update.

In addition, some players have been finding puddles of water in various places on the island.

Now, it seems like the event is close to happening as the countdown timer on the underwater hatches has apparently started ticking down, as noted by Heavy.

Well-known Fortnite leaker, FireMonkey, has also found various lines that indicate the map will be covered in water, although no one except Epic Games is sure whether it will happen or not, so players have nothing to do except wait.


The data miner has also found a file with the name "Special_Water" that could play a role in the Doomsday event.

As of now, everything is nothing but speculation, and we are also not aware when the Doomsday event will kick off, but the end of season 2 will effectively end on June 4.

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