After last week's maintenance update, the final update for Fortnite is here and is ready to lay out the foundation for this season's Doomsday event, signaling the end of Chapter 2, Season 2.

Server Downtime

As with previous updates, players had to experience some server downtime to prep the game for the update, meaning that the modes in which you need to be matched with other players are not available for around two hours.

Of course, the devs behind the game announced the downtime as well as tweeted on their official Twitter account when the downtime started.

As of writing, the downtime ended two hours ago, and players should be able to match up again.

Nevertheless, what could players expect from Fortnite update 12.61?

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What Changes Did Update 12.61 Bring to Fortnite

According to a report by the Daily Express, the update did bring out the foundation of the Doomsday event that will be called "The Device," which revolves around one of the agents, Midas, and his "Masterplan."

As fans predicted, the hatches near the hideouts will open as part of the event, which will start this week.

Nevertheless, the news outlet did note that there aren't any massive map changes as of now. However, it is possible for players to notice some significant changes as the event progresses.

Besides these, several bug fixes were rolled out with the latest Fortnite update, including fixing issues wherein the numbers do not change when a player chooses sports-themed outfits.

They have also rolled out some Save the World updates, including picking up a weapon that spawns or drops that causes you to lose ammo as well as characters that consume the ammo they pick up.

According to their patch note, these issues should be fixed for Xbox One as well as PC and Mac.

Fixes for PlayStation 4 should come out in their next update.

Although Epic Games did fix some issues, they are still investigating a few problems and might include troubleshoots for them in the upcoming patches.

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Doomsday Event is Coming

Meanwhile, it seems like the countdown for the Doomsday event has started ticking.

According to Screen Rant, the countdown timer has actually started ticking a few days ago on May 23 and is set to expire on May 30, which will likely be the time when the event will happen and, as some fans predict, would flood the entire map.


Although still a rumor, many believe that one of the season's biggest events will include some sort of water and would flood the existing map to oblivion, giving way to a new map for the new season.

It's not far off, especially since Epic Games practically obliterated the old Chapter 1 map when the historical Fortnite black hole event happened.

Besides the ticking countdown timer, some players have actually noticed puddles throughout the map, strengthening the ongoing speculations that the island will sink--but how is the question.

Despite some hints and good speculation, nobody knows for sure what will happen for this season's Doomsday event, but we won't have to wait long as the end is getting closer and closer.

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