Google creates an app that would help people practice social distancing, but it's not available for all. 


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Google Sodar

Social distancing is now part of our lives, whether we like it or not, and it's all thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that there isn't a vaccine for it yet. So, for now, we must practice distancing to make sure we remain healthy and COVID-free. Google has a new app that would help us by doing just that.

Google Sodar was introduced to the world by the Experiments with Google account on Twitter. What the app does is that it uses your phone's camera to create six feet or two-meter radius to make sure you're within a safe distance of other people amidst social distancing practices.

The purpose of the app is for people to visualize a clearer picture of just how far 2 meters is recommended by the World Health Organization as the proper length of social distancing throughout the world amidst the pandemic is still rampant and very much alive.

Sodar isn't your typical standalone app and doesn't need to be installed to work, however, you need to have an Android phone as well as open it through your Chrome browser since it's only available for Android and not iOS as of now. On top of that, not all Android devices are compatible, and if your phone is one of the premium versions or flagship models, then maybe you have a chance to use the app.

In short, you can view any of Google's AR projects like augmented reality animals on your device. Then, your phone is most likely able to operate the app and make us of Sodar's virtual indicator for social distancing.

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Important information to know

The app's website says, "This experiment uses WebXR to visualize 2m social distancing guidelines in your environment. To do this, Sodar created an augmented reality two-meter radius ring around you. To launch Sodar, please visit this site using the Chrome browser on an Android device."

It is unlikely this app will be available for iPhones because the browser-based app only works with WebXR via Chrome, which uses Google's ARCore unless Apple makes its own version of the software readily available for its millions of users around the world. It doesn't seem possible for iPhones to be able to avail Google Sodar's help at all.

Governments all over the world and health agencies have recommended maintaining strict social distancing rules. Unless you have a meter stick or tape, you wouldn't be able to properly measure just how much 2 meters by just looking at the space around you. With Sodar's help, life could be easier for you and yours if you ever go out to buy groceries and essentials amidst the pandemic.

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