Recently, the popular girl group in South Korea released a song featuring Lady Gaga. Even before the launch of their brand new comeback single, fans are already raving about it.

According to a report on the music news website Billboard, Blackpink is making a comeback single, launching it on June 26. YG Entertainment said that the single, yet untitled represents the girl group's one-year hiatus from the industry since Kill This Love. This song reached the 42nd spot on Billboard 200 in April 2019. It will also become the lead single for their first-ever studio album coming out in September.

Here is the official teaser poster.

Word from Blinks

Early on, the Blinks are already excited about the comeback single. A Blackpink fan is officially known as "Blink."

These fans are posting around on social media on what their reactions are over this highly-anticipated music piece.

Twitter netizen @yvannamaya said, "Hope their next album can reach the top. I'm sure the sales will be great. Can't wait for Blackpink's comeback Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes."

Meanwhile, this fan, @chioryyy on social media is a little bit critical though excited. The user commented, "Blackpink first full album should be only them singing anyway, collab is just um ya know can be done on next time? Like i only want to listen the pinks singing to all songs in the album..."

"Blackpink's album actually looks cool," posted @sftjoonxe.

A lot of the fans also noticed the terminology in the publicity materials. They believe that Blackpink never really had an album, what more with the "mini-album" that some publications wrote. They pointed out there must have been a mistake in the wording.

Music chart champions

Blackpink is composed of singers Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé. Their songs include DDU-DU DDU-DU, Kill This Love, PLAYING WITH FIRE, Kiss And Make Up, and Don't Know What To Do, among many others.

Their recent "duet" with Lady Gaga in the original song "Sour Candy" seemed like Lady Gaga became the fifth member of the group. This song was immediately chosen as a fan favorite before even everyone else has heard it. It was streamed worldwide. 

Sour Candy was on top of the charts, making history for the K-pop group. It was placed number one on the Hot 100 chart, Forbes reported. 

This week, it is at number 33, beginning its time on the all-genre tally within the Top 40. With this, the track has set itself separate from the rest of their singles or those that feature South Korean female groups.

This song has beaten another Blackpink single, Kill This Love. The 2019's biggest hit is now beyond the Top 40 in the music chart.

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