United States Military has released new footage of its latest missile's test launch, which Trump calls "super-duper missile." According to Gizmodo's latest report, a new video of the secretive hypersonic missile was released by the U.S. Army on Tuesday, Aug. 4. 

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The new footage shows a rare view of the massive missile. Although there is no information explaining the missile's features, the report claimed that the newly developed hyper rocket could be the future of the U.S. Military during the new Cold War, since Russia is also expanding their missiles.

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The Drive first reported the video of the hypersonic test launch called Flight Experiment 2, which was recorded by the U.S. Army on Mar. 19 from Hawaii. The report stated that the U.S. Army coordinated with the U.S. Navy to conduct the test launch.

It was speculated that the missile would be completed by Mar. 17, according to earlier reports. There was already a five-second video clip of the test launch, which was aired in Mar. However, the new video posted by @Missile_Defense, showed the first close up footage of the missile, revealing how it looks on impact. But, the report described it as grainy, preventing the viewers from seeing the enormous weapon correctly.

Why the U.S. President Donald Trump calls it "super-duper missile"

U.S. President Donald Trump said that the new missile has an accuracy of 14 inches from its center point, which is why he calls it "super-duper missile." However, the report stated that despite the public airing of the video by Lieutenant-general Neil Thurgood on Tuesday, Aug. 3, there's so much that the public still doesn't know about the missile launch shown in the released video during an unclassified teleconference. 

The U.S. military did not provide specific details about how far the missile travels, or how its launch test in March goes. On the other hand, one of the U.S. adversaries in the New Cold War is also developing its own hypersonic missiles. Russia also did not provide any specific details about its new war weapon. 

On Aug. 4, America tested another unarmed nuclear-capable ICBM from Vandenberg Air Force Base, located in California, according to the local news outlets. 

"This launch demonstrates that we are able to provide the range support needed to facilitate this test during peacetime operations in the midst of COVID-19 operations," said the 30th Space Wing Commander, Col. Anthony Mastalir. 

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