A particular father of three was injured after protecting three small children when a certain gunman suddenly open fired at a car dealership in New York City. A GoFundMe page was raised so that the children could get free therapy and now, it has hit $288,000. A terrifying video was able to capture the whole incident that happened some time around 7:20pm of last Monday in the known Eastchester neighborhood. The video has been uploaded to YouTube by Pix News


The father who dove in front of his children to save them

Anthony Jefferson, the father, took a shot in the thigh when he actually dove on top of his children in order to shield them from the gunman that suddenly broke out at the known On The Road Automotive over in the Bronx. Anthony was actually at the dealership looking for a vehicle in order to surprise his own wife Danica Jefferson for her upcoming birthday.

Three days after the incident, a certain GoFundMe was created in order to help cover the stacking medical bills cost and also enroll the three children in therapy. The donations have gone from $8,400 all the way to $288,534.

The denominations started coming in by $50s and $100s but the biggest donation that went in came on Sunday from a particular altruist who gave a whopping $25,000 straight towards the Jefferson family. There were other big donations including $1,000 contributions and $2,000 contributions. There have already been about 8,100 people who have donated to Anthony while a lot of encouraging messages were left.

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The situation that the family is left in

Just last week, Anthony's wife Danica told TMZ that the hero cannot currently walk because of the sustained injuries he got from the shooting. He has also been fired from his jobs as the head painter for a particular maintenance company and also as a construction worker living in the city. Although it was said that he started recovering, Danica said that Anthony will actually need to undergo some surgery soon because the bullet is currently lodged somewhere inside his leg.

She also added that their three children aged two, five, and six, have all become distressed over the entire ordeal. It was said that the small children are now hesitant to leave the home and that they cry in their sleep. It was also reported that the youngest two-year-old would even ask "Why did the man shoot my daddy?"

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A therapist volunteered

Dr. Raha Divedar of the Big HeArts Interventions stated that she would want to work with the three children in therapy at least once a week completely pro bono. These sessions that are done through Zoom could last about a year or even more.

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