US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently concluded her very first Twitch stream for hit-mafia game, "Among Us," that garnered almost half-a-million views on the debut that introduced a new tactic for impostors. "Marinating" is the new technique for impostors to live longer and deceive the crewmates into carrying out mayhem while playing the game.

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New York's 14th District Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as her initials AOC, introduced the world to whole new gameplay and tactic in the mafia game by Innersloth, "Among Us." The game received massive popularity during the pandemic and again after AOC's debut stream on Twitch.

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AOC Twitch Stream: Among Us 'Marinating' is Born

my fanart of Toast and Rae marinating AOC :D from r/offlineTV

According to Game Rant, AOC's Twitch streamed gathered numerous viewers that nearly reached 500,000 viewers. The congresswoman's stream is one of the largest debuts or comebacks globally, lining her up with gaming veterans Shroud and DrDisRespect.

Despite the technique being widely used for the past gameplay by several gamers, this was the term's first official use that was recognized massively by fans who witnessed the Twitch live stream. Famous Twitch and Among Us streamers joined AOC in the game stream, including pokimane, DisguisedToast, Hasan Abi, etc.

'Marinating' Meaning Explained

"It's like a Rachel Ray, Wolfgang Puck, sous vide, marinating the WHOLE TIME" AOC from r/LivestreamFail

Jeremy Wang, also known as "Disguised Toast," used the technique of "marinating" in AOC's Twitch stream as the congresswoman was hiding out as an "Impostor." The players in the stream were in the voting room as they notice that Wang, a.k.a. "Toast," was protecting the congresswoman through the new tactic.

"Marinating" is a way to hide an impostor among the crewmates in the game. This technique is widely used in the game with fellow impostors protecting each other or letting crewmates believe that the player is innocent, thus protecting them on voting processes.

The game may seem simple at first glance; however, "Among Us" is a game that requires immense skill and technique to thrive, especially when playing as the ruthless killer, an Impostor. Marinating is one cunning tactic that proves useful amidst the countless more in "Among Us."

How to Marinate on 'Among Us?'

Among Us
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Marinating on "Among Us" can happen on occasions where one is an impostor or a crewmate. The title focuses on "gut feeling," especially during the game's early moments when there are many players and little evidence to catch the impostor.

Anyone can "marinate" Among Us, and it is as simple as saying flowery things about another player to shift the group's blame to a new character. For example, a player could say, "Red is with me the whole time and we were just doing our tasks when the killings happened."

Red could be any random player or a fellow impostor to hide amidst the crewmates. Marinating can also be done by crewmates defending fellow crewmates who are innocent of the killings that occurred throughout the game.

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