Apple has officially been inducted in the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions or ATIS just this week. According to the story by CNET, Apple has officially joined the known Next G Alliance which is an industry group that is working on "advance North America mobile technology." This is a group of future 6G companies that are focusing on bringing the next 6G technology and more over the course of the upcoming decade as well as facilitating the long-term evolution of the known 5G.

Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions welcomes Apple

ATIS' official announcement states that Apple is now one of the existing 11 new members of the group including other future 6G companies known as Google, Charter, Cisco, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, LG, Keysight Technologies, MITRE, Mavenir, as well as VMware. The announcement is a big step for both Apple and ATIS.

The announcement gives more details about the known Next G Alliance saying they are designed to set the actual foundation for a much more vibrant marketplace for North American innovations in the upcoming future of mobile technology. The Next G Alliance is actually named after their primary goal which is to be able to establish complete North American preeminence in the known 5G evolution path as well as the 6G technology development.

6G technology as opposed to 5G technology

The work is said to encompass the entire lifecycle of the research and development, standardization, manufacturing, and also the market readiness to this 6G technology and more. Although 5G technology is very new, the group looks forward towards a better future.

Next G Alliance stated that it will soon hold the very first meeting for its known members this coming Monday on November 16. The meeting's agenda includes setting the initiative's overarching strategy and direction towards a better future for not just the mentioned future 6G companies but for the future of technology in general.

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When will 6G be available?

AT&T also stated in September that it had already brought a couple of engineers to work on the said next-generation 6G technology network. However, the said technology is still not expected to be fully materialized until a few more years in the future. This could also be potentially sped up depending on the approach of ATIS and how they are going to work together.

This move by Apple happened just shortly after the company had announced and released its very first iPhones that support the known 5G technology networks some time last month. This big step by Apple should see the company move forward into the future but the rate of its speed towards achieving 6G technology is still unknown.

Currently, people will have to wait until ATIS to have their official meeting in order for them to know exactly what to expect in the coming years ahead. The meeting is said not to prioritize just the few companies but instead focus on the bigger picture.

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