NASA Crew-1
(Photo : NASA)

Elon Musk's SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft currently carries NASA's Crew-1 Dragon astronauts toward the International Space Station that launched earlier. The SpaceX CEO shares that the Dragon contains thrusters integrated with the spacecraft, allowing it the capability to perform safety and operational features such as Emergency Abort Capabilities.

SpaceX Crew Dragon
(Photo : SpaceX via Twitter @SpaceX)

SpaceX Crew Dragon: Thrusters are Safety and Operational Features

The public is currently tracking the flight of NASA's Crew-1 Dragon that is headed towards the ISS due on Monday morning. NASA utilizes the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft that specializes in human space transportation which is the first in the Commercial Crew program.

Elon Musk recently shared a tweet (@elonmusk) quoting SpaceX's photos which show the Dragon's thrusters that are now the means of control to travel towards the ISS. Elon Musk explains that these thrusters are also intended for emergencies in the case of aborting the mission.

Additionally, Musk continues the thread by showcasing the other capabilities and features of the Crew Dragon spacecraft in terms of its practicality and special characteristics that make it perfect for human transportation. SpaceX's Dragon intends to bring the public to space soon.

Moreover, SpaceX's Crew Dragon Thrusters are for orbital maneuvering as it reaches the point where the Earth's gravity is at its weakest. This situation will require control over the spaceship to function and head towards its destination without going off-course.

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SpaceX Crew Dragon: Perfect for Human Space Transport

NASA initially hosted a bidding war for private companies to create special space crew transport vehicles under its Commercial Crew program. This program gathered companies such as Boeing, Blue Origins, SpaceX, and United Launch Alliance. Each company presented its spacecraft which will be used for different occasions.

Notably, SpaceX's Crew Dragon was chosen for the NASA Crew-1 Dragon mission that was initially set several months ago which faced multiple reschedules due to unexpected problems. Moreover, SpaceX is now NASA's partner accredited to bring astronauts in orbit using its reusable spacecraft.

The Crew Dragon is also unique on its own because of the 3D printed engines that it now uses to fly the four-person crew of NASA. SpaceX's spacecraft features next-level technology which separates the company's creation from the others.

NASA Crew-1 Dragon: Mission Update

NASA Crew-1
(Photo : NASA)

Currently, NASA's Crew-1 Dragon is flying on its own, utilizing SpaceX Crew Dragon's thrusters to propel itself towards the International Space Station. The spacecraft detached itself from Falcon 9's rocket boosters which is now freefalling back to the oceans where a droneship awaits its landing.

ASA's Crew-1 Dragon is embarking on the first hour of its eight-hour-long mission towards the ISS which would complete the seven-person crew in space. NASA's Crew-1 Dragon #LaunchAmerica features the first local launch on US soil after almost a decade.

SpaceX's Crew Dragon would be the first commercial spacecraft to dock the ISS that brings passengers. Previously, it was also the first commercial spacecraft to bring cargo and equipment to the ISS in 2012.

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