"Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate" is the definitive, upgraded version of "Mortal Kombat 11" filled with various game experience upgrades and updated graphics. There are also some brand new characters added, which include Rain, Rambo, and the highly popular Mileena.

This new set of playable characters gives more reasons to continue playing this action-packed game."Mortal Kombat's" creative director Ed Boon, has teasing fans for Mileena's entry to the game, but it took a quite long time before she was able to join the game, not until MK11 Ultimate was released.

Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate has it all
(Photo : Ed Boon/Twitter)
Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate has it all

Mileena's Friendship

Boon also earlier shared on Twitter Mileena's Friendship finisher. The clip shows a tea party with three teddy bears as guests. While it was pretty absurd, a right amount of strangeness makes the game more interesting.

These bears dressed up as Jade, Katana, and Mileena look adorable as they share some tea on a cute pink table. Mileena is also quite charming as she was seen hopping and hugging her teddy bear. Her friendship finisher can be played with the following"

  • PlayStation: Down, Down, Forward, Back, Triangle
  • Switch: Down, Down, Forward, Back, X
  • Xbox: Down, Down, Forward, Back, Y
  • PC: Down, Down, Forward, Back, 2

Indeed, Mileena did not disappoint her fans with her strong moves, brutalities, and fatalities. Meanwhile, here is a complete guide on Mileena's fatalities and brutalities.

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Mileena's Brutalities

"Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate" will not be similar without bloody Brutalities, and Mileena's finishers are the icing on the cake. Mileena indeed knows how to stylishly end a fight from chewing up an enemy's head before vomiting it up to spitting nails on their corpse. Here are her Brutalities movesets.

Complete Guide on Mileena's Fatalities and Brutalities
(Photo : IGN/YouTube)
Complete Guide on Mileena's Fatalities and Brutalities
  • Man Eater - For consoles, press forward and L1 bumper (or press forward and 1 and 3 on PC. Press Down, Down during hit while the final hit must come after Toward Throw.
  • Nail Shooter - For consoles, press L1 bumper (or press 1 and 3 on PC). Press Back, Back, Back during hit while the final hit must come after the Back Throw.
  • The Klassic - Press Down and hold 2/Triangle/X/Y, then the final hit must follow after an uppercut.

With the "Mortal Kombat Ultimate" version, these startlingly brutal moves are all available in 4K HD. If "Mortal Kombat" fans could get a new generation console, we advise for them to select the Ultimate version to be able to see all gruesome details.

Mileena's Fatalities

Here are Mileena's fatalities movesets.

Violent Delights (Close)

Mileena rips her enemy's face off through their stomach.

  • PlayStation: Forward, Down, Down, Circle
  • Switch: Forward, Down, Down, A
  • PC: Forward, Down, Down, 4
  • Xbox: Forward, Down, Down, B

Spinning Out of Control (Mid)

Mileena's Fatality turns into a spinning wheel of death before she cut half her opponent with a saw.

  • PlayStation: Back, Down, Back, Triangle
  • Switch: Back, Down, Back, X
  • PC: Back, Down, Back, 2
  • Xbox: Back, Down, Back, Y

Stage Fatality (Close)

  • PlayStation: Down, Down, Down, Square
  • Switch: Down, Down, Down, Y
  • PC: Down, Down, Down, 1
  • Xbox: Down, Down, Down, X

"Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate" is now available for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Stadia, and PC.

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