Although battery life is very important in a smartphone, since most smartphones focus more on the software rather than the hardware, this specific feature is oftentimes forgotten. This is why the use of a powerbank is very necessary nowadays since a smartphone cannot always be expected to carry out all a massive battery life like the previous models of Nokia when it first came out.

Which power bank is good 10000mAh or 20000mAh? 

According to an article by CNet, a lot of people might joke about power banks being overused, it might still be hard to pick out the perfect powerbank that is both massive in capacity and also very price efficient. A powerbank is known as a high-capacity portable charger that usually isn't sold at a cheap price point. However, it seems like one just popped up with another cool feature at hand.

Another common complaint when it comes to power banks is that they are usually bulky and could weigh quite much which makes them a little inconvenient to bring. A new power bank was recently discovered by CNet called Omars on Amazon which has a massive 10,000 mAh power bank that only costs just $10! This, of course, is when users apply a special code.

Best powerbank Amazon

In order to avail the 50% discount, users will need to use the 26V59KQQ discount code when checking out. This means users can get the power bank at $10 instead of $20! Even at $20, however, the powerbank is still pretty affordable. The deal, however, is not known to be permanent so for those trying to get a power bank for just $10, now might be the perfect time to buy one.

The article then details the specs defending the power bank as not just another "cheap" smartphone accessory. The power bank is said to be just about an inch thick or 1.35cm. This might actually be the thinnest legit power bank that users have ever seen! Overall, the power bank's measurements are 5.7 by 2.7 by 0.5 inch. 

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Even with the 5.7 inch length, it's still pretty small to stack directly behind the phone whenever users might need to use the device while charging. Omars also has dual 5V/2.4A USB outlets which can allow the powerbank to be shared along with a Micro-USB input as well as a USB-C port which can be used either for input or output so users won't really have to worry about the type of port that the power bank uses.

As a finale, the power bank is equipped with four different LED status light in order to notify the user of the phone's charging level as well as when it is overcharged, overheating, and may roll out the short-circuit protection internally. The only thing missing might be just a simple flashlight. However, as a power bank, this is pretty much worth the price it commands and more.

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