Apple would not slow down with its releases this December, first with the AirPods Max, and now with another developer's beta version of the popular iPhone operating system, the iOS 14.4. The new version has unknown features yet but some speculations surround it, especially after the massive drops from iOS 14.3 with the ProRAW for the iPhone's camera.

Apple's iOS 14.4 Developers Beta may be the hottest and loudest news to surface as it releases; however, it is joined by several more Apple operating systems for its different devices including the iPad, Apple Watch, and the Apple TV which are all under the developer's beta version. 

Apple iOS 14.4 Release for Beta Developers Now Available to Download

Apple's iOS 14 have been releasing full-scale updates that bring massive new features to the operating system. As for the last or final version of Apple's operating system for its devices, there are still no updates from the Cupertino giant as it continuously releases the beta versions to run its current device lineups.

The iOS 14's releases focused more on bringing new features and major changes, with the likes of the transition from iOS 14 to 14.2 to 14.3, and now, the 14.4. This trend opposes the previous releases of another "suffix" point number (e.g. iOS 14.3.1) which only brings bug changes or slight improvements. 

Two days after the company's public release of the iOS 14.3, Apple is back at it again with a surprise drop, with a developer's beta for the iOS. Users can now head to their settings and download the massive 4.5 GB file for the new operating system on their respective iPhones.

Also, available for developers beta release of new versions are the following operating systems:

  • iPadOS version 14.4, developer beta 1
  • tvOS version 14.4, developer beta 1
  • watchOS version 7.3, developer beta 1

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Apple iOS 14.4 New Features

According to Mac World, Apple has not yet revealed what iOS 14.4 brings new for its device lineup, but it would surely follow the trend of the previous iOS 14 releases that brought significant changes for the iDevices. The previous iOS 14.3 has given the public ProRAW images and Fitness+ features, complementing the company's advancement in its technology. 

Apple's previous problems were the unexpected battery drain in iOS 14, Bluetooth disconnection, GPS or Maps bugs, Random Reboots, and WiFi and Cellular connection problems. Most of these were addressed on iOS 14.3 release, but there may be some more bugs to discover for version 14.4.

How to Download iOS 14.4

Apple is not only inviting developers to try the new iOS 14.4 version, but also public beta testers who would provide insights and inspect the operating system for the company. Both the iPhone and iPad compatible devices can apply for public beta testing via

Beta developers for the iOS 14.4, head on to, to directly receive the new beta version for the iOS. Enable the profile in Settings > General > Profile.

After registering for both beta testing and developer beta, go to Settings > General > Software Update Download and Install.

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