The greatest distraction of the day has hit the internet as four new harmonious blobs all boinging up and down and supposedly bringing joyful music to users this Christmas. The known interactive vocal quartet of these Blobs has recently been created by Google.

What is Google Blob Opera?

According to the article by Classicfm, the Blob Opera is a weird new tool that stars four different colorful Blobs who have all been programmed to sing together in a perfect four-part harmony. They can easily be dragged up and down in order to make a particularly beautiful music.

The Blob that reportedly has the highest voice out of the others always takes the melody while the more bassier Blobs do the particularly harmonious groundwork for their very own star soloist. It could be easy for users to spend hours and hours just dragging these particularly harmonious creatures alternating from up and down.

Google Blob Opera songs

Users can even freestyle along with the Blobs in the offered multiplayer mode. This allows them to simply sing certain Christmas carols like Joy to the World and even Jingle Bells. The voices of these Blobs are said to be real-life opera singers.

The voices behind these blobs are named Christian Joel for tenor, Frederick Tong for bass, Joanna Gamble as mezzo-soprano, and even Olivia Doutney as soprano. These singers have recorded over hours and hours of singing recorded for the experiment.

Who sang in Google Blob Opera

Although users won't  be able to hear their real life voices in this tool, the machine learning model's understanding of just what the opera singing sounds like, based on what was previously learned from the four different vocalists allow the tool to utilize their voices in Blob opera style.

A particular Google blog post reads that this experiment makes use of a neural network that is trained on the different voices of tenor, bass, soprano, and even mezzo-soprano in order to generate the opera singing in real-time. This is done from simple movements on the user's own device.

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How to use Google Blob Opera?

According to Google Arts & Culture, the tool is described as a fun way for people to be able to create a complete festive opera through the use of machine learning. The creative coder of the Blob Opera is known as David Li.

In order to use the Blob Opera tool, all that needs to be done is to click this link and simply drag the mouse up and down in order to toggle the different sounds from these opera singers. One by one, additional Blobs will come to the picture and can be navigated in order to experiment with different sounds.

Users have the option of recording what they make with this tool as the button is located on the lower left side of the screen.. Also, should users want to switch between Blobs, just click the Blob preferred. Make sure to should users want the Blobs to stop singing, simply click elsewhere aside from the Blobs.

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