GE Renewable Energy first announced its plans for a massive offshore wind turbine in 2018, and from then, the company is slowly building Haliade-X that could soon provide clean and renewable energy.

GE Heliade-X Dogger Bank wind farm
(Photo : Dogger Bank Wind Farm)
GE's Heliade-X wind turbine features a 12-MW and 13-MW variant.

GE's Haliade-X Offshore Wind Turbine

According to New Atlas, the Haliade-X was introduced a couple of years back as a 12-MW turbine that could produce enough energy that is 45% more than what other offshore wind turbines in the market could provide.

The huge structure stands at 260 meters or 853 feet in height and includes three blades that each measures 107 meters or 351 feet, which makes Haliade-X's blades the longest one ever made.

Best of all, the wind turbine has digital capabilities that make it easier for remote diagnostics that improve time management and can optimize operations.

The massive blades are not just for show or to break world records.

Haliade-X's 220-meter rotors and its longer blades would help the turbine less sensitive to wind speed variations, helping increase its ability to generate energy even in low wind speeds and making it more predictable than other wind turbines.

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World's Biggest Offshore Windfarm

Now, the turbine variants are available in 12-MW and 13-MW that will become the United State's first "commercial scale" offshore wind energy project located in the biggest offshore wind farm in the world known as Dogger Bank that can be found 80 miles off the coast of England.

As of now, Dogger Bank is being slowly completed in phases before its expected launch and operation in 2026.

For Phases A and B, the wind farm is planning to install a total of 190 Haliade-X 130-MW wind turbines that are expected to deliver the first round of generated electricity in 2023.

Once the wind farm is completed and in full operation, it is expected to power 6 million homes in the UK, which is equivalent to 5% of the total electricity demand in the country.

The Power of the Massive Turbine

So, how powerful and ambitious is the project?

GE is confident in the wind turbine that as per DesignBoom, the company claims Heliade-X would be incredibly powerful that only one rotation is enough to power a common house in the United Kingdom for two days.

Moreover, the energy company says it features a 60% to 64% capacity factor, which is five to seven points higher than the industry standard, with each increment point representing around $7 million revenue in GE customers for the whole duration of the windfarm's life.

The capacity factor compares the energy that was generated compared to the maximum that could have been produced if the turbine is working at full capacity for a certain period of time.

Even at low wind speeds, GE is confident the wind turbine can generate more annual energy production (AEP) compared to other offshore wind turbines.

The power company has also announced that a 14-MW version of the wind turbine will be following its predecessors, which will likely be much more powerful and will be featured during Phase C of the Dogger Bank wind farm, which is set to begin in 2026.

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