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General Electric To Cut 12,000 Jobs In Bid To Stabilize Its Power Unit

Amid dwindling demand for fossil fuel-based energy sources, General Electric is trying to refocus and stabilize its power unit. In the process, GE plans to cut 12,000 jobs from its global power business.

Business Tech December 7, 2017

GE Smart Bulbs Get Alexa, Google Assistant Support Via C-Reach Hub Accessory

GE just introduced the C-Reach Wi-Fi bridge for its C-Series smart bulbs, for them to get Alexa and Google Assistant. GE will sell the bridge standalone or bundled with a pair of smart bulbs.

Smart Home November 21, 2017

Alexa Finds A New Home In C By GE Lamp

GE integrates Alexa into its new C device, which the company touts as a lamp that responds, speaks and makes life easier, contributing to a new way of living. It is currently a concept but is expected to hit the market in 2Q 2017.

Smart Home December 7, 2016

Microsoft, GE Team Up To Develop Industrial IoT Cloud

The first of the efforts made by the newly established partnership between Microsoft and GE has been unveiled to the public. Both companies are in the works of targeting industrial sectors by providing IoT capabilities to these fields.

Microsoft July 12, 2016

GE’s New Monogram Pizza Oven Promises Restaurant-Quality Pizza At Home

Assuming you can afford it, of course.

FUTURE TECH January 19, 2016

GE Relocating To Boston, Expects Technology-Fluent Workforce And Generous Incentive Package

General Electric has chosen Boston as the next location of its corporate headquarters. The company is moving away from Connecticut due to tax hikes amid a hostile business climate.

Business January 14, 2016

GE Terminates $3.3 Billion Deal To Sell Appliance Unit To Electrolux Amid Antitrust Fight

Bowing to pressure from Department of Justice, GE (General Electric Co.) called off deal with Electrolux. The deal was openly objected by the regulators over antitrust issues and competition.

Business December 10, 2015

The GE ViosWorks MRI Scanner Scans 7 Dimensions In Only 15 Minutes

A new technology from GE not only allows for organs to be scanned in a much shorter period of time, but it can also scan in as many as seven dimensions.

Gadgets December 2, 2015

GE Unveils First Connected LED Smart Bulbs, Launches E-Commerce Site To Bring The Tech To Consumer's Doorsteps

GE announces the launch of a new e-commerce site, along with its first Bluetooth-enabled smart bulbs.

FUTURE TECH November 19, 2015

Podmasters: GE's New Podcast 'The Message' Blends Sci-Fi With 'Sci-Real'

Following the story of the decoding of an extraterrestrial message, 'The Message' incorporates real GE technology into its narrative. Global Creative Director at GE Andy Goldberg spoke to T-Lounge about the new podcast.

Internet October 2, 2015

GE Launches Predix Cloud Service For Industrial Customers

GE has launched a cloud service dubbed Predix Cloud, the first-ever and only cloud solution that caters to analytics and industrial data.

Business August 5, 2015

Coffee On Demand: GE And Keurig Reveal Café Series Refrigerator

Is brewing a cup of coffee just too much in the morning? Never fear: GE and Keurig are coming together to release the Cafe series of refrigerators, which will brew your coffee automatically!

Internet Culture January 19, 2015

GE rolls out cheaper Link smart light bulb

GE launches a new LED light bulb called the Link as part of a smart home line of appliances. This smart bulb is more affordable at $15 and is expected to compete with Philips Hue wireless light bulb.

FUTURE TECH July 2, 2014

GE, Quirky roll out smart air conditioner

GE and Quirky have come up with a smart in-wall air conditioner that can sense when you leave or are coming home and turns on and off accordingly to save energy. An AC with this level of intelligence is usually only found in large automated homes, but the Aros can be had for $300.

Business March 19, 2014

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