(Photo : Youtube/How The Tech Do I Do This?) Spotify to create playlist based on emotions

Spotify will be using a patented technology that will allow the app to analyze the user's voice and suggest songs based on the user's emotional state, gender, accent or age.

Spotify to create playlist based on emotion

The patented technology was first filed in 2018 and it was granted on January 12, it would allow the app to make observations about a user's emotions and environment by using a speech recognition technology.

As soon as the voice is assessed, Spotify could play music that reflects the mood of the user, it can even create a playlist based on the user's social setting as it can detect if the user is alone, with company or at a party, according to the patent.

If this is implemented, the feature will in no doubt boost the streaming statistics for so many songs, especially the sad and sappy ones., according to

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Spotify explained in its application that it is very common for a media streaming application to include features that give personalized media recommendations to its users.

However, the application continued, that the current approach for discerning the taste of the user is unsatisfactory because it requires them to put answers to multiple questions, like a survey, about their favorite bands, their gender and their age. The process could be quite tedious.

Karaoke feature

The patent suggests that speech recognition could be used to get information about gender and age, while contextual cues like stress, intonation and rhythm would give clues as to whether a user is sad, happy, happy or neutral.

Spotify mentioned in the filing that it should be understood that the above example metadata categories of emotions, age, gender and accent are just examples, and numerous other characterizations and classifications can be used.

The results would be combined with other information such as the user's previously-played songs, and the taste in music of their friends, in order to improve recommendations. The technology is one of several technical innovations that Spotify has patented in 2020.

In September 2020, Spotify patented a karaoke-like feature and it allows people to overlay a music track with their own vocals. Just this month, the app gained permission for a selection engine that matches the tempo of the music to your running speed, making it great for workouts.

In 2020, Spotify also conduced a study of how the personality traits of people influence their musical taste. According to Spotify's Research and Development team those who scored high in conscientiousness tended to concentrate their listening mainstream music while introverts dig deeper into an artist's catalogue.

Spotify has 320 million global users. It has been granted a patent that would allow it to use insights to promote content, including podcasts, advertising and music, that has been adjusted to appeal to a listener's personality.

Spotify explained that in some embodiments in which the personalized content includes one or more messages with audio components, the electronic device changes a tone of voice for messages for presentation to the user.

For example, the tone of voice may be high-pitched, more upbeat or exciting for users that have been assigned the personality trait of someone who is extrovert.

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