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The Android 11 update will bring new features, new changes and there will be things that users will need to get used to.

Android 11 have features that can have a real impact on how people will use their respective device. Here are a few things that you can expect when you install the update on your phone.

Android 11 new features

The biggest thing that you will see in Android 11 is a slew of fresh features. There is nothing massive in this update that makes a huge impact, but there are very useful new changes to existing software functions that many Android users will enjoy.

Better messaging features

Messages are the main use of Android phones, and with apps like Telegram, Google Messages, Signal and more, Google is now cashing in by improving what Android is capable of, according to The Next Web.

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This change comes in two ways on Android 11. The notification shade now automatically sorts notifications so message conversations are at the top. They also act as usual, you will just see them at the top of the list.

Also, there will be message bubbles. This feature allows notifications to show up in a floating window over other apps that can dock to the side of the display whenever it is not in use.

Users might recognize the feature from Facebook Messenger, which also offers Chat Heads a few years back. It is a useful tool for managing different messages without constantly swapping back and forth between apps.

Wireless Android Auto

Android Auto has also become a standard on most cars, and it is getting better. On some newer cars and aftermarket head units, Android Auto is available wirelessly, removing the need to plug in a cable. On Android 10 and previous, this needs support per device but with Android 11, it is open to everyone.

Smart home control shortcuts

If you are into smart home devices like robot vacuums, lights and cameras, one of the most useful features in this app update is fast menu for controlling smart home devices.

On Pixels and some other devices, you will find this feature in the power menu, possibly below a Cards and Passes carousel that integrates with Google Pay.

The menu allows one-tap toggles for lights and devices in your home without the need to close that app. It is fast and convenient, it also works with different apps and services.

Better media controls

When you are listening to music or streaming a video, media apps are important for all types of users. On Android 11, Google has consolidated all of media notifications into just one place, according to TechRadar.

There are also two key benefits for that. The controls can still work even if the user close the app. So you can pick up where you left off without reopening the app.

Screen recorder for Pixels

Android 11 finally delivers an official screen recorder to Android natively. The feature has been available on countless Android skins for years, including Samsung Galaxy phones. This type of functionality has been available through third-party apps, but now it is an integrated features.

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