Windows 10 said farewell to the Internet Explorer and has introduced the Microsoft Edge, which had another version called the Legacy. The latest version would soon transition to to a better EdgeHTML browser. The Cortana-based browser would not be leaving without its replacement as Microsoft would soon debut the Edge Chromium for better integration. 

The American multinational software and electronics company, Microsoft, has redesigned its official Windows browser throughout the years, with the longest-running one goes to the Internet Explorer that retired in 2013. The browser did not exactly retire as it became the mainstay for Windows 8.1 and 8.1 Pro, both of which are in their final versions. 

The introduction of Windows 10 in 2015 brought an all-new web browser to the Microsoft platform and that is the Microsoft Edge. This new browser aims to recapture the hearts and needs of users after Internet Explorer. The latter web browser has been the focus of several memes and was made fun of, because of its loading and surfing speeds that are incomparable to Chrome and Safari. 

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Microsoft Edge Legacy Bids Farewell

Microsoft Edge
(Photo : Microsoft)

According to Microsoft, it is going with the phrase "out with the old, in with the new," as it phases out the Edge Legacy browser, in favor of its latest build, the Edge Chromium to be the mainstay platform for the Windows 10. Initially, it would stop updating the security of the browser and further on to ending its support of the Legacy by March 9.

Microsoft says that while Edge Legacy has done so much for the operating system's development and browsing needs, it would need to part ways with it for a better version. New security modes are coming and Microsoft said that it would be the better one than its previous launches.

Moreover, the phasing out of the Edge Legacy is necessary, says Microsoft, as it would focus more on the Chromium.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Would be Introduced on a Tuesday

Microsoft Edge
(Photo : Microsoft Blog)

Microsoft calls this "Update Tuesday" and would be centering the Edge Chromium version to be released on the second week of April, on the 13th. The update would take place easily, as users would only need to accept and let Microsoft update the application. This would proceed to uninstalling the Legacy and introducing the Chromium. 

Like Safari, Microsoft recommends users to use the Edge (and soon, the Edge Chromium) while using the Windows 10 operating system because it is "more secure than Chrome" in terms of business transactions. Apple campaigns the same way as Microsoft, as they both recommend using their web browser design for all processes.

Microsoft 365 applications would also bid farewell on the long-running web browser, the Internet Explorer 11, which its initial version was debuted by the Redmond giant last 1995. This phasing out would join side-by-side with the Edge Legacy, as both web browsers come to their "end of an era" moment for Microsoft.  

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