Samsung is planning to debut a new batch of Smart Televisions for 2021, among other innovations and home appliances that would focus on consumer technology. The Unbox & Discover 2021 would supposedly bring the company's "legacy" in providing products that target consumers of any kind, including those who are mostly focused on household upgrades.

Samsung Announces Death of Chairman Kun-hee Lee
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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - OCTOBER 25: The Samsung logo is displayed at the Samsung office on October 25, 2020 in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung Electronics chairman Lee Kun-hee,, who had transformed Samsung Group into one of the world's major tech giants from a small trading firm, died at a hospital in Seoul on Sunday at age 78, leaving a thorny succession challenge for his children.

The popular South Korean consumer electronics company, Samsung, would host a virtual event that invites the general members of the public to witness the variety and slur of new devices to power every need. The company boasts that it would be debuting various innovations and gadgets that adhere to different needs and tastes in technology. 

The event would be focused on a virtual and live stream setup due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing people a detailed look into the latest techs and gizmos that Samsung has in store for the year. Samsung is known for its technology including the handheld gadgets like the Galaxy smartphone and tablet series, smartwatches, earphones, and more. 

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Samsung Unbox & Discover 2021

Samsung Unbox & Discover
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According to Samsung, the public's viewing habits and other technology needs have changed "exponentially" in the past events, which were plagued by the COVID-19 virus and pandemic. Due to this, people have been heavily reliant on technology and sped up the process of the transition to empowering tech among the "layman" users.

On top of that, Samsung would be hosting one of its most massive and ambitious consumer electronics showcases during the pandemic season on March 2, 10 AM Eastern Time (7 AM Pacific Time). The South Korean electronics giant guarantees that it has a lot in store for its showcase for the year, including never-before-seen technology. 

Samsung also mentioned that it would be previewing different products from the company that would share the vision of the future in innovative products and technology to redefine the role of Television. The statement means that Samsung's concern and the main feature would be a new Smart TV that would be showcased at the event. 

Samsung Unbox & Discover 2021: What to Expect

Galaxy Unpacked January 2021
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JANUARY 11: The Samsung Galaxy S21, The Samsung Galaxy S21+, The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are displayed at Samsung 837 on January 11, 2021 in New York City.

According to Gizmochina's report, Samsung has already unveiled a lot in the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show 2021 (CES) where Mini LED QLED TVs are unveiled by the company. While these TVs have not yet arrived for public sale and distribution, it presents a promising display for the company's specialty in displays. 

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