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The new PS5 restock at Sony Direct had just sold out in 34 minutes. However, there are some stores in the United States that are expected to have new PS5 stock this week. While it's already been a few months since its release, there are still a lot of gamers that are still desperately trying to get their copy of the PS5 stock online.

Aside from Wario64, there is also another account on Twitter called Matt Swider that also provides updates whenever a new PS5 restock hits the market. Monday was reportedly the first day for this batch of new PS5 2021 restock from Sony Direct this week. An article by TechRadar notes that it actually usually has its new stock consoles on weekdays starting from Tuesday up to Thursday.


While the stores below reportedly had stock recently, others could also be coming up with new PS5 stock some time this week.

PS5 restock online

PS5 Sony Direct - PS5 Digital Edition | PS5

PS5 Amazon - PS5 Digital Edition | PS5

PS5 GameStop - PS5 Digital Edition | PS5

PS5 Walmart - PS5 Digital Edition | PS5

PS5 Target - PS5 Digital Edition | PS5

PS5 Best Buy - PS5 Digital Edition | PS5

PS5 B&H Photo - PS5 Digital Edition | PS5

PS5 Sam's Club - PS5 Digital Edition | PS5

PS5 Newegg - PS5 Digital Edition | PS5

PS5 Costco - PS5

PS5 Adorama - PS5

Antonline - PS5

PS5 Sony Direct Restock

PS5 restock over at Sony now begins with a countdown before launching everyone into the familiar virtual queue. The online ordering system reportedly makes buyers wait quite an extended period of time before they select just a few people to be able to buy the PS5 stock online.

Once players are selected, they will reportedly be given just 10 minutes to make the purchase. Most people might see over an hour wait for the estimated waiting time. Others might just have to queue for a few minutes. Both the Digital PS5 and the Disc PS5 versions will be for sale at Sony Direct at the standard MSRP of $399 and $499 without tax.

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Here are the PS5 Sony Direct ordering rules

1. The first thing buyers will need to do is to have an active PSN account ready in order for the purchase rto be completed. Although users won't need a paid PlayStation Plus account, this would reportedly get the faster shipping.

2. The second thing that buyers will be getting is a reported timeline of 10 minutes in order to place an order on the PlayStation 5.

3. The third thing Sony wants to remind its buyers, however, is that despite having queued, it is still no guarantee that the buyer can purchase a new PS5 console online even if they are reportedly available.

In order to be able to purchase the said console within just 10 minutes, buyers should make sure that all needed information is readily available in order to be able to successfully put an order.

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