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Amazon has not had any luck when it comes to gaming. However, the company is still adamant about joining the market as the company is reportedly opening up a new game development studio in Montreal. It will be led by some of the developers of "Rainbow Six Siege."

Amazon to open game studio

According to The Verge, the new studio will include the head of production Luc Bouchard, creative director Xavier Marquis, head of product Alexandre Remy, and content director Romain Rimokh. All of them have worked previously on Ubisoft's video game "Rainbow Six Siege."

Since the team is known to create video games with a multiplayer experience, the new Amazon studio's first video game is expected to be an online multiplayer title based on a new IP.

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Marquis said in the company's press release that building upon eight years of experience with "Rainbow Six Siege," they are excited to start with a blank page and the creative freedom to create a completely different and unique experience in the multiplayer space.

Furthermore, the creative director added that they had felt a true connection with the people at Amazon Games from their first discussion, and they felt connected to their approach to gaming and the sheer amount of knowledge, expertise, and technology available in the company.

He added that they are humbled, and they could not be more excited to start a studio with Amazon. 

Amazon's failed video games

While Amazon has spent the last few years trying to push its way into game development, it has had a rough go so far. The biggest upcoming game of Amazon is the colonization MMO, "New World," which has been delayed three times, but it will finally be released this 2021.

Meanwhile, the other high-profile project called "Crucible" never found an audience after its release and was eventually canceled by the studio. Amazon also has other projects in the works that it has not yet announced, including a game from Smilegate RPG.

According to Screenrant, Amazon's high ambitions, the underused industry veterans, and other factors have resulted in numerous video game failures.

Bloomberg stated that Amazon has been making a killing over the last 20 years as the company tries to dig its hands into every industry.

From books, movies, groceries to video games, Amazon became one of the world's biggest companies. Over the last few years, the company has been trying to make a name for itself with gaming by releasing several projects.

However, the projects failed to materialize and did not make a splash at all. Amazon has nearly infinite funds, but it only begs the question of how long the company is willing to release money on video games that do not generate any profit.

A lot of the blame for the unsuccessful division is placed on Amazon Game Studios founder Mike Frazzini. Frazzini had never made a video game before founding Amazon Game Studios. Still, he was able to gather an impressive roster of industry veterans from Valve, EA, and other big names.

Now Amazon is willing to gamble again with a new studio and new team.

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