Xbox Game Pass Announces $2,000 Prize Pool for 'Soul Calibur VI' Tournament This April 17: How to Join
(Photo : Screenshot From FightersGeneration YouTube) Xbox Game Pass Announces $2,000 Prize Pool for 'Soul Calibur VI' Tournament This April 17: How to Join

For those still bugged out about not being able to get the Xbox Series X restock despite the console launching a couple of months ago, one thing that Xbox is really doing right is offering Xbox Game Pass gamers fun. For those stuck with the Xbox One, the good news is that there's an upcoming tournament for one of the more classic games.

Xbox Game Pass 'Soul Calibur VI' tournament

According to the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter page, there will be an upcoming "Soul Calibur VI" tournament on Twitch along with @smashgg this April 17! The problem is that there are only 16 players so those that want to join might want to do so quickly. The prize pool announced for this tournament is $2,000!

Those who want to join in the Xbox Game Pass "Soul Calibur VI" tournament need to sign up here. The website also noted that those interested in joining will have to register before April 14 to be included in the tournament.


Xbox Series X Restock

While gamers are still enjoying the current competitions for the Xbox Game Pass, it's hard not to wonder if the competitions would be better on the newer Xbox Series X. The console has been increasingly hard to purchase ever since its launch due to both scalpers and the current worldwide semiconductor shortage.

Scalpers have been using bots to purchase the Xbox Series X then selling them at marked up prices. Due to this, gamers might be able to purchase the Xbox Series X but only at very high prices. For those who are wishing to purchase the Xbox Series X, the best thing to do is to move as quickly as possible to beat scalpers and other gamers.

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How to Buy Xbox Series X Online

There is a proven technique for some gamers in the quest when purchasing the Xbox Series X and this is through following Xbox Series X tracker accounts on Twitter to get free notifications as to when new stock pops up online. When following the accounts and turning on the notifications, gamers can then move as fast as they can to try their luck at purchasing the new Xbox Series X console.

Another critical thing about purchasing the Xbox Series X online is making sure to log in to the different online retailers that would most likely sell the Xbox Series X. This is to make sure that when there is an available Xbox Series X restock, buyers can simply put their order and check out right away. Although there are some gamers that were able to move quickly when receiving notifications, due to not yet logging in, they were still late to the party and weren't able to buy the Xbox Series X restock online.


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