'Call of Duty: Mobile' Leak Shows Anime Skins for 3 Guns: Images Revealed
(Photo : Screenshot From Call of Duty: Mobile Leaks & News Twitter) 'Call of Duty: Mobile' Leak Shows Anime Skins for 3 Guns: Images Revealed

"Call of Duty: Mobile" has faithfully been one of the most popular mobile FPS or first person shooter games as of recent. While it might be a bit heavy on most mobile phones with updates costing megabytes to sometimes even gigabytes of space, it's usually the updates that make the game better.

"Call of Duty: Mobile" 2021

The good thing about the game is that it is able to evolve along with the audience and despite the game mechanics being just shooting the enemy, the game switches everything up every once in a while. Aside from just offering new skins, from time to time, gamers will be getting new gameplays like Zombie mode or other modes.

Even the whole environment of "Call of Duty" changes sometimes while still retaining the original parts of the game that players fell in love with. One of the most notable changes in the game is how weapons were even more customizable. Providing better customization meant that players would be able to modify the gun to their liking and make it fit their game style. The game is so successful as of the moment that the developers behind "Call of Duty: Mobile" studio earnings for 2020 reached the $10 billion mark! 

"Call of Duty: Mobile" leak

The thing about players in "Call of Duty: Mobile" 2021 is that they play the game differently and this is why customizing the weapons depending on how the player plays is a good thing. While the different gun skins started off pretty interesting, somehow, they started to lose their touch.

A Twitter "Call of Duty: Mobile" leaker revealed that there will be upcoming anime skins for three different guns! The good thing about this leak is that they aren't only just in text but actual images were revealed showing the anime skins themselves! There are reportedly going to be three different guns in the game that will be getting the anime skins.

"Call of Duty: Mobile" anime skins:

  • QXR - Tsundere

  • FR556 - Yuudere

  • AGR556 - Dame Fortuna

While the reaction to this upcoming anime skins were divided, one commenter on Twitter mentioned that if it is going to be available only via crate, this would make them very sad. Another commenter then pointed out that one thing is for sure and that is the game won't be giving these guns out for free.

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"Call of Duty: Mobile" leak

There could be a possibility that these anime skins would only be available via battle pass but none of this is confirmed as of the moment. Most of the good skins and other characters so far have all only been available via battle pass. Although there are options for those gamers that aren't paying for battle pass to customize their characters, they only brush the surface on just how much customization can be done in the game.

Of course, these upcoming anime gun skins are as of the moment still not yet confirmed so gamers will still have to take this information with a grain of salt. The only way to know for sure if these are real is to wait for an official announcement or for the game to suddenly release them.


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