Tesla Superchargers are offering a 50 percent discount for EV owners to utilize charging stations during the night, to alleviate the surge of customers that use their facilities during the busy daytime in the state. The promo has been confirmed for busy, urban locations in California where most Supercharger stations are. This offer attempts to lower the cost of electricity. 

Tesla Overloads the Power Grids

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A Tesla electric-powered sedan stands at a Tesla charging staiton at a highway reststop along the A7 highway on June 11, 2015 near Rieden, Germany. Tesla has introduced a limited network of charging stations along the German highway grid in an effort to raise the viability for consumers to use the cars for longer journeys.

It seems that it is more costly to "overload" and "overwork" a charging station if people were to avail of its services at a surge of customers throughout the day, instead of having its load distributed in 24 hours. Superchargers of one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturers in the world are all DC fast charging rated, and it takes a toll on the power grids. 

To solve this, Tesla has created an ingenious plan to distribute the number of people charging in the mornings to nightime. Supercharger stations remain open at night to accommodate customers. Moreover, this comes with a price slash of half the original cost of charging (50 percent discount) for everyone who charges during the off hours. 

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Tesla Superchargers California: 50% off During the Night

According to Electrek's report, Tesla electric vehicle owners have been receiving updates and messages from the in-app notifications from the company, which offers the promotion and discount for the charging stations. These urban Supercharging stations may also help in distributing the load of charging, especially for those who have not installed it within their homes.

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FREMONT, CA - AUGUST 16: A Tesla Model S sedan is seen plugged into a new Tesla Supercharger outside of the Tesla Factory on August 16, 2013 in Fremont, California. Tesla Motors opened a new Supercharger station with four stalls for public use at their factory in Fremont, California. The Superchargers allow owners of the Tesla Model S to charge their vehicles in 20 to 30 minutes for free. There are now 18 charging stations in the U.S. with plans to open more in the near future.

Tesla's vehicle sales have been releasing an average of 200,000 EVs per quarter, and this only suggests that the company's customers are growing by the number. Overloading of power grids to which Supercharger stations are hooked up to was an initial concern for Tesla, especially if a surge of customers would come during a certain time. 

Despite the Tesla Solar Roof installed on several locations of the company's Superchargers, it would not be enough to generate power for the people who have flocked to use the service from the company. The only location that confirmed for this promotion would be California Supercharger stations, and there is no news whether the promo would be observed in other locations. 

Tesla California Superchargers

Tesla's Superchargers still have the most stations in the Sunny State of California, particularly because the company has originated there, before moving to their new base in Texas. Initially, Tesla's home is in California, so it has a a growing its prominence there. 

California still stands as the center for its Superchargers, particularly for new ventures like the Santa Monica drive-in theater and 50s diner for which fans and enthusiasts waited long. The Superchargers distributed throughout the state are enough to keep the vehicle running from different counties without the risk of losing charge. 

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