DJI officially launches the new Air 2S, an update to the already powerful Mavic A2.

The introduction of the Air 2S comes as a surprise since DJI had just released the FPV catered for cinematic videography.

DJI Air 2S: A Drone Made For Landscape Lovers

The DJI Air 2S brings in new and exciting tech that is perfectly suited for people who love capturing the outdoors.

According to a review by CNet, the Air 2S comes with an impressive range, image sensor, and object tracking/sensing technology users may not expect from a mid-range drone.

Despite being almost physically identical to its predecessor, the Air 2S has much more to offer such as its upgraded 1-inch sensor revealed in an earlier leak.

The Air 2S might seem smaller with its 20-megapixel camera, but its larger image sensor yields much better overall quality.

Videos can be shot at 30 frames per second when adjusted to full 5.4K resolution and can be brought up to 60fps if the resolution is dropped to 4K.

Additionally, the sensor's improved resolution allows the Air 2S to zoom 2x to 4x in the video.

The Air 2S is also made smaller and lighter that could rival the portable Mini 2 without compromising its quality including its stability mid-flight.

DJI Air 2S
(Photo : DJI Official Webpage)

Roughly around the size of a DSLR lens, the Air 2S fits perfectly in a user's lens slot, making it excellent for people who love to capture aerial and landscape images.

Moreover, the Air 2S is fitted with a battery that promises up to 31 minutes of flight time, and an updated obstacle sensor that recognizes objects both farther away and at faster speeds.

The Air 2S is priced at $999 for the standard bundle, but also offers a $1,299 "Fly More" combo that includes three batteries, a charging dock, a shoulder bag, and ND filters.

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DJI Air 2S: First Impressions

The upgrades introduced by DJI Air 2S may not seem as impressive on paper, but a review Tech Crunch posted on Apr. 15 proved otherwise.

The way the Air 2S was designed makes it an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a portable prosumer drone.

Its 1-inch image sensor and updated object sensing technology make the user experience much more memorable.

Another feature the Air 2S boasts is its ease of use, making setup faster and learning the controls effortlessly.

People familiar with the earlier DJI drones can comfortably fly the Air 2S in under a minute, while newbies would find the controls easy to follow.

A range of automated flights coded to the Air 2S also allows users to capture better-looking footage than its predecessor.

One auto mode, in particular, makes it handy for users to capture footage of themselves when alone or if they simply want their drones to follow them around.

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