Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold both offer some great features that greatly enhance the gaming experiences of many players. However, which one of them should you get?

To help you further, here are their differences that you should know. 

Xbox Live Gold Vs. Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Live Gold is an online subscription service for Xbox consoles, which was launched by Microsoft previously in 2002. For those who are thinking of purchasing this option, you need to remember that it is also included in the package of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. 

Which One is Better. Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass? Here's an Advanced Comparison
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But, it is still cheaper than Xbox Game Pass since it only costs $10 per month. You can also have a discount if you purchase its service for a year or 12 months since you only need to pay $60. 

As of the moment, if you want to play online games, you need to have Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass. However, this could soon change since Microsoft is planning to allow fans to play free-to-play games online. These include "Apex Legends," "Fortnite," and more. 

On the other hand, Xbox Game Pass offers three options. You can either choose Xbox Game Pass Console, Xbox Game Pass PC, or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Some players describe Ultimate versions as an "All You Can Eat" gaming subscription. Microsoft released this service back in June 2017. 

Furthermore, Xbox Game Pass is still better than Xbox Live Gold since it offers all the games that Microsoft publishes on its platforms. 

When it comes to price, CNET reported that Xbox Game Pass is more expensive since it costs around $15. Although this is the case, the price difference is not that wide. 

Which one should you get? 

According to Game Spot's previous report, Xbox Live Gold's requirement for free-to-play games will be removed by Microsoft. This could make Xbox Live Gold even better, adding a feature that allows players to play online games. 

Which One is Better. Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass? Here's an Advanced Comparison
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Visitors visit the booth of XBOX during the press day at the 2019 Gamescom gaming trade fair on August 20, 2019 in Cologne, Germany. Gamescom 2019, the biggest video gaming trade fair in the world, will be open to the public from August 21-24.

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If you are a person that only focuses on online games, then Xbox Live Gold is the best option for you. But, if you are a heavy gamer, then you should get Xbox Game Pass. However, you still need to have a specific package in mind. You can either choose Ultimate, PC or the Console option. 

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