Signal Announces Difference Between Its App and Other Big Tech Apps: 'Signal Knows Nothing'
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Ever since WhatsApp announced that it will be sharing user data with Facebook a few months ago, the controversial issue pushed users of chat softwares to look for alternatives. Shortly after the announcement of the controversial WhatsApp update, users had decided to transfer their conversations to other WhatsApp alternatives like Signal and Telegram.

Signal Encryption Application

Signal, an end-to-end open-source encryption application tweeted out that when people make group chats, nobody ever invites the "Big Tech" to join but they still hang around and also know what users are talking about. The mention of Big Tech can be interpreted as the huge messaging applications of today.

Signal gave the assurance that it knows nothing regarding what is going on with the conversations of its users. The private groups reportedly protect the group name, group messages, group members, and even the actual group avatar with the use of end-to-end encryption.

Signal Claims Groups are Safe

A Signal blog post noted that Groups are inherently social and that Signal, at its core, is a social app. Whether users are planning to make a surprise party, exchange family photos with one another, or talk about something private that has recently happened, group messaging has reportedly been one of the key features that Signal offers.

Signal also reportedly provides private groups wherein Signal has no record at all of what is being talked about, who is in the group, what the group titles are, what are the group avatars, or even anything about the group attributes. Signal announced that they have been working on newer private group chat technology that will be able to enable group administrators , access control, improve total group scalability, and even set the stage for what will be a much richer group experience.

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How Signal Differs from the Rest

We are now reportedly moving into the future while still keeping what most people love about the past. Users also cannot send messages to everyone inside a particular group unless they are aware of who is inside the group. The group members will also need to be able to retrieve the latest group state for them to render it in terms of group image, group name, group membership, and other particular optional elements.

The particular data within a group is considered sensitive but when it comes to the traditional approach towards managing the whole group state, the data is stored in a plaintext database on a basic server. This would make it simple for clients to be able to retrieve the latest group state, and even for the server to enforce the access control as well as the consistency through a really basic API.

Signal, on the other hand, makes sure the data stays encrypted and is only accessible for both the sender and the recipient alone. Signal is making sure user data won't be accessible to those that do not have direct involvement with the conversation.


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