Finally, "Tales of Arise" will be nearing its upcoming launch this 2021 after a series of delays prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic which started last year.

Originally, it was announced in 2019 that it is expected to be released by 2020, but now Bandai Namco prepares for the seventh installment of the "Tales" series.

Ahead of its arrival in select gaming consoles, what should we know more about this game?

'Tales of Arise' Trailer is Now Out

'Tales of Arise' Unveils New Trailer: Release Date, Next-Gen Consoles Arrival and More Information from its Producer
(Photo : Miraculous Maku (@RedMakuzawa) from Twitter)

The newly released trailer of "Tales of Arise" leads the players into in-depth storytelling where Shionne and Alphen, the two main characters are featured.

From the video, the inhabitants from the planet Dahna are gaining control of the natives from Rena, its neighboring planet. Later, Rena native Shionne and Alphen who hails from Dahnah have decided to join forces for a huge change of both worlds.

Forbes reported that game designer Minoru Iwamoto will make a comeback to the game to illustrate the characters. He is also the current director at the moment.

Since "Tales of Arise" will rely on Unreal Engine to make more alluring environments, fans should expect a lot of aesthetics from this game.

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'Tales of Arise' Release Date for the Next-Gen Consoles

'Tales of Arise' Unveils New Trailer: Release Date, Next-Gen Consoles Arrival and More Information from its Producer
(Photo : Miraculous Maku (@RedMakuzawa) from Twitter))

Bandai Namco broadcasted that the "Tales of Arise" will have its global launch on Sept. 10 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series, and PC through the Steam app.

This is the first time that the video game will debut in the next-gen gaming consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series. 

On the other hand, the Japanese edition of the game will be released ahead of the global launch. It will be available in the country on Sept 9.

What the "Tales of Arise' Game Producer Reveals About it

'Tales of Arise' Unveils New Trailer: Release Date, Next-Gen Consoles Arrival and More Information from its Producer
(Photo : Miraculous Maku (@RedMakuzawa) from Twitter)

Final Weapon reported Bandai producer Yusuke Tomizawa apologized to the fans due to incomplete news about the upcoming "Tales of Arise."

While the game was already in development at the time, he promised during the "Tales" of 25th Anniversary Special Live Stream that they will introduce the pandemic-delayed game by 2021.

Recently, Tomizawa was interviewed by Famitsu, a Japanese magazine that features video games. Here is some important information that he revealed about the game.

  • Tomizawa remains confident that the game will not meet any more postponements. With that being said, it will be truly launched in September 2021. The team is currently completing some minor adjustments for the game.

  • The game will feature PS5 support called the haptic feedback functionality from the DualSense wireless controller. For instance, you can recognize the difference when casting various spells.

  • For PS4 and Xbox One users, you do not need to buy a newer console for future updates. Bandai Namco will be giving a free upgrade of the PS5 and Xbox Series to your older console.

  • Tomizawa mentioned that the game will boast 60fps and 4K resolution gaming.

  • The game has the most number of anime scenes in the series. Ufotable will return as the game's animation studio.

  • Rinwell, Fururu, and Rowe are the new characters. The new characters could be younger than expected. There are still more to come in the future.

  • Biezo and Surdo will come to the game as the new enemies.

  • Boost Attack (support) and Boost Strike (finisher) can now be used to execute more combos.

  • Skills, Artes, and Mystic Ates will make a comeback.

  • You can dodge attacks through evasion.

  • Tomizawa says that there is no victory screen after winning. However, it's your choice whether to go back to the field or to talk with different NPCs.

  • You can now do free swimming and jumping when roaming 3D fields.

  • Tomizawa wants to involve the game before its launch but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he is still weighing the options about revealing the additional game details.

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