Elon Musk recently praised the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other regulators after giving SpaceX and Starlink the license it needs for modification that is inclined to upgrade its safety features. This license would ensure that the satellite constellation could service the areas where land-based internet services are unavailable.

Starlink satellite
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It's a win for SpaceX and Starlink, especially as the company aims to expand its service more and more in the country, as it plans to move out of the beta testing phase and have it ready for its public availability soon. This venture was opposed by Amazon and Viasat, as both competitors aim to also get their service up and running in the coming time.

Amazon has recently launched the Kuiper Satellites which would serve as the internet connection that would beam down on Earth, going alongside Starlink and OneWeb in this venture. The e-commerce company has already secured nine Atlas V rockets for this venture. Also, the company promises to have a cheaper service option than that of SpaceX Starlink.

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SpaceX Starlink License to Modify: Approved by the FCC

Starlink Satellite
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In the recent document of the FCC, it has concluded that SpaceX's third license modification of its Starlink satellites is to serve the "public interest" and has been approved to apply the necessary changes to it. The application of SpaceX Starlink is a safety feature for its satellite constellation which would also benefit a stronger connection to far-flung areas.

The company's modification is to reduce the altitude of more than 2,800 satellites to 550 km, from its previous plan of 1,100 km, which is farther and higher in the atmosphere. The motion to a license modification and the satellite's positioning has been requested for more than a year now, and the long wait is over for the company.

Should the license be disapproved, more than 1,400 Starlink satellites would not be able to function and remain stagnant in space, as they cannot fully function without disrupting the company's service. Amazon and Viasat were initially against this license modification by SpaceX Starlink, and are gunning for it to be trashed by the regulators.

Elon Musk Praise FCC: They're Fair and Sensible

In a tweet by a journalist that published details about the SpaceX license, the CEO Elon Musk (@elonmusk) has replied to it, showing that he commends the FCC and the others for a fair and sensible judgment. Other regulators that Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, and his companies have encountered are the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).


Moreover, Musk claimed that their decisions are "fair and sensible 99.9% of the time," which was a massive word for these regulators and that only in rare occurrences do they make unjust decisions. Elon Musk was known to have run-ins with these regulators for several occasions regarding the showcase of their tech.

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