Spotify listeners have a new headache to tell upon learning Joe Rogan's stand on COVID-19 vaccination. The 53-year-old comedian has shattered the notion that the people used to follow about the issue.

For him, there is no need for healthy and young people to get a vaccine jab. Instead of entertaining his audience, all he got this time are comments that criticized the disinformation that he shared on the platform.

Joe Rogan Believes 21-Year-Olds Should Not Be Vaccinated

Joe Rogan's Spotify Podcast Tells Disinformation About COVID Vaccines; Draws Flak from the Crowd
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Rogan's talk on Spotify has exposed a lot of things going on in his mind. He told the people that they should receive a vax jab only if they are vulnerable. Additionally, a person should only get a shot like in the case of his parents, which he exemplified.

What drew a lot of attention to social media users is his comment about 21-year-old people taking a vaccine. Rogan insisted that if the individuals are healthy persons, they should continue to take care of themselves, CNET reported.

While this could sound insensitive to others, the podcast host continued that there's nothing to worry about COVID-19 if a person is eating well and exercising all the time.

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Regardless of people's ages, COVID-19 can hit everyone. Even those who are known to have a daily health routine could acquire coronavirus.

An example of the case that the coronavirus can infect all people is the incident that happened to those who do mixed martial arts. This is one of the fields that Rogan engages in regularly. We could observe that even some competitors from this sport could still get the virus and spend months recovering from it.

Spotify Podcast Draws Ire From Different People

Discussions involving COVID-19 require a high level of sensitivity since this is a serious problem that every nation is facing at the moment.

A few days ago after the podcast reached many social media sites. several comments bombarded Rogan.

Previously, Spotify has deleted a podcast that tackles misinformation about the healthcare crisis. Having said that, Pete Evans, a popular podcast speaker was removed by the platform due to his controversial talk which has misled some people in the past.

Even so, Rogan has a lot to take from the comments since he doubted the use of the masks in combating COVID-19. Instead, he created a leeway to promote the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in treating the disease.

Bill Burr, a comedian, was also known to jokingly stop Rogan from bringing up the serious issue to the public. After the sensational podcast, many Twitter users lambasted Rogan for his anti-vax promotion.

Media Matters, a known misinformation watchdog in the US called out Rogan's podcast as a spreader of conspiracy theories and wrong information about COVID-19.

On a serious note, 70% of US citizens need to receive COVID-1 vaccines to achieve public herd immunity. The smallest percentage of COVID-19 positive accounts for the young children, while over 20% comprises 18-29-year-old adults.

The World Health Organization reminds the public that it is safe to get a vaccine jab for those who exceed age 18 and above.

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