If you want to purchase access on Spotify's "Car Thing," this is now your chance to try the first vehicle hardware which was first leaked in 2018. This gadget is perfect for your streaming experience while driving your car.

Spotify's Car Thing Debuts as Limited-Release in the US

Spotify Launches 'Car Thing' for Limited Release: How to Sign Up for the Waitlist
(Photo : Spotify)

Gizmodo reported that the Car Thing has appeared in some iOS code. This time, Spotify has revealed that its hardware will now be available for select US residents. The feature will enable them to access music on the go.

Indeed, the company is heavily invested in improving its streaming service through improving its forte in music and podcast streaming. However, it seems that the firm is also headed to produce more hardware in the future.

The reason why Spotify decided to create this gadget is that it concluded that the users would be needing this for their driving. This will also immerse them in a comfortable in-card streaming experience.

For its compatibility, Car Thing assures that all users could utilize it regardless of the type of vehicle. Upon using it, you are guaranteed to experience a seamless interaction with its home screen, as well as its voice-assisted search function and the Your Library Tab.

If Apple has "Hey Siri" and Facebook has "Hey Facebook," Spotify also features "Hey Spotify" voice-activation to enable this gadget. It's entirely hands-free so you could endlessly play a podcast or a song of your choice at any time.

Furthermore, you can also notice the four mics that the device contains on top of it. This is helpful when engaging voice commands using the controls volume up or the windows down.

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Other Information About Spotify's 'Car Thing'

Spotify Launches 'Car Thing' for Limited Release: How to Sign Up for the Waitlist
(Photo : Spotify)

Being a voice-controlled gadget does not mean that it will not have a touchscreen option. You could completely navigate its controls to begin playing audio. You could also pause your playlist and choose another option from the music menu.

The touchscreen feature will be activated through a simple swipe. Moreover, besides four mics, there are also four preset buttons that you could reprogram to ease your music streaming. To do that, you are required to have a Bluetooth-supported smartphone.

The Verge mentioned that Car Thing seems to have no "actual speaker" in it. Just make sure that before you play music, your smartphone is already linked to Bluetooth or through an auxiliary cable. Three mounting accessories could be connected to the CD player, vent, or dashboard.

How to Sign Up for Spotify's 'Car Thing

Unfortunately, not all users could purchase a Car Thing. This will only be available to the select Spotify users who avail of a premium subscription. This only means that this gadget will only be acquired through an invitation.

If you want to be included in the waitlist, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up here by clicking "Put me on the list." 

  2. After tapping it, you will be directed to the page where you will now sign up. 

  3. Enter your email and password of your Spotify account. You can also log in through your Apple, Facebook, or Google account.

The anticipated retail price of Car Thing is $79.99. Since the Spotify discount is also its expected price, the only thing that you will pay is the shipping cost which is $6.99.

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