Amazon Prime Day 2021 is speculated to happen earlier this year compared to the 2020s, with the event expected to take place by June, as part of the first half of the year. Before the pandemic, Amazon Prime Day would typically happen every July, the schedule most anticipated by customers annually, since 2015. 

Naturally, people are accustomed to sale events that offer promotions or discounts for the different items they expect to buy and have already lined up via the carts of their favorite e-commerce stores. What is more iconic with these sales is that they offer a variety of additional savings, along with free shipping options exclusively for that event. 

Amazon Prime Day for 2020 took place in October after the logistics and shipping division of Amazon got backlogged with a lot of orders out for delivery, especially as COVID-19 restrictions took effect. This hindered the company from functioning in full effect, and the celebration of Prime Day's festivities would only bring more shipping problems to the company. 

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Amazon Prime Day 2021: Confirms for June

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Instead of following a July event for one of the company's and the world's largest sales, speculations have opted for an earlier Prime Day for 2021, as it would be the time where there would be more attention from customers and for vendors. According to CNet, Amazon's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Brian Olsavsky specified this during a press call to be happening in June.

This is a different approach for Amazon, making its highly-anticipated Prime Day observe its festivities and sale, discounts, and offers earlier than ever, bouncing back from last year. The existence of the coronavirus pandemic has pushed Amazon to have Prime Day to the latest schedule it had, almost near the Black Friday sale event. 

Amazon Q1 2021 Earnings Foresee a Good Year

Recently, Amazon has released its first-quarter (Q1) of 2021 earnings report, and it is a massive one for the e-commerce company as they have achieved a feat of smashing records. The increase of Amazon rose to more than 44 percent of its previous earnings and has exceeded the expectations of the company, according to CNBC

Amazon has listed revenue of $108.5 billion for the first quarter of the year and is strategically placing Prime Day in June to help the second quarter (Q2) surpass the current record they have now. June falls on the second quarter of the year, and July is on the third. So for the company to achieve what they aim for, it would need to do something big for the current quarter and that is the Prime Day for June. 

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