Could Rockstar Game Tester Hiring be for "Bully" Sequel or "Grand Theft Auto V I"?
(Photo : Screenshot From Could Rockstar Game Tester Hiring be for "Bully" Sequel or "Grand Theft Auto V I"?

Rockstar is no stranger to rumors and speculations as every little move could either point towards a huge surprise or probably nothing at all. While the tension is building up for an upcoming Rockstar "GTA 6", the confirmable Rockstar news as of the moment simply points towards a new hiring.

Is Rockstar Working on 'GTA 6'? 

While there has been a lot of tension and speculation imagining a possible "GTA 6" game tester, a more realistic conclusion of what Rockstar is trying to do points towards a potential sequel to one of its older titles, "Bully". "Bully" fans have reportedly had to wait much longer than the whole "GTA V" fanbase.

While the underrated game hit stores all the way back in 2006 which was previously released for the PS2, there has been growing noise about the franchise coming with a sequel back in 2019. This was when an updated version of the game was suddenly ported to mobile devices. While there was a sequel in development some time during the late 2010s, it however failed to materialize despite the success of the game's first title, according to The Gamer.

Rockstar Game Tester

While fans are getting more and more tense thinking about what Rockstar Games' next moves could be, something as simple as a job listing could mean something for them. However, this job posting isn't just any job posting. Apparently, Rockstar Games is now looking for a number of different new game testers!

With Rockstar keeping what they are doing to themselves, it's really still up to the community to take a guess on what the new Rockstar game tester could possibly be working on. On one hand, the currently popular "GTA Online" is still consistently receiving updates and there is also an expected "GTA 5" next-gen rerelease in which fans still ask a lot of questions like "how to play motor wars in 'GTA V'" .

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Rumors on New Rockstar Games

However, it's actually been almost three years ever since Rockstar Games' previously released a new game, which was apparently "Red Dead Redemption 2". In the two years, a lot of speculation has grown pointing towards the studio potentially working on another game. Rockstar Games, however, generally take a long time to complete. "Red Dead Redemption 2" alone was developed for eight years, according to GameRant!

Rockstar, once again, has remained silent about the renewed speculation regarding a possible "Grand Theft Auto 6" or "Bully". This makes things even more puzzling for speculators. While Rockstar fans have been ultimately wanting a "Grand Theft Auto VI" game, a new "Bully" Sequel is still in high demand!

Bully was previously released back in 2006 and was actually met with both critical as well as commercial success. Of course, the game brought back the typical Rockstar Game controversies. The game currently has two re-releases as well as a sequel that was actually privately cancelled back in 2013. Rumors speculate that the game was picked up again at a later date.


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